May 15, 2019 08:35 PM

Patiala (J.S.KALER)

Member Parliament and the Punjab Democratic Alliance candidate from Patiala ,Dr Dharmavira Gandhi in a reference to the announcement made by Capt Amarinder Singh to create a memorial for the youths who were killed in the Bargari firing during the Congress rally, said that the families of the Sikh soldiers who were martyred in the Bargari firing case should not only be remembered but they should have justice.

Captain Amrinder Singh is giving memorial instead of justice to the families of Sikh devotees who have been martyred in the Bargari shooting case,* Dr. Gandhi said, "Captain remembers the big Ghulughara and the small Ghulughara but how did he forget 84?

  Dr. Gandhi said that the memory of those killed or injured in the shooting at Bargari will always remain in the hearts of families as well as the entire Sikh and Punjabi community.He said that it is very unfortunate and regrettable that Captain Amrinder Singh and Rahul Gandhi are doing politics in the name of martyrs instead of punishing the culprits of the Bargari firing .

Dr. Gandhi said, Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh today shared the stage with Rahul Gandhi and mentioned all the things like the big Ghallughara, Chhota Ghalughara and Nankana Sahib Saka, but he conveniently forgot the attack of Indira Gandhi on Sri Darbar Sahib and Sri Akal Takht as well as the Sikh genocide in Delhi in the very presence of the scion of the same family responsible for those unforgettable incidents 

Dr. Gandhi said that Captain Amarinder Singh was saying in his speech that the state head is responsible for any incident of shooting or event taking place in his reign .Now that he himself has been the head of the state for the last 2 years ,he has failed to punish the culprits of Bargari . 

Dr. Gandhi said that Captain and Badal are playing friendly matches in Punjab, for example Captain sent a weak candidate for the purpose of winning of Mrs. Harsimrat Kaur Badal in Bathinda while Akali Dal fielded a weak candidate against Mrs. Parneet Kaur in Patiala.

Dr.Gandhi said that Captain Amarinder Singh is till day the most failed Chief Minister of Punjab since he has not been able to curb drugs, sand mafia and not even Gambling. He said that the Chief Minister did a survey on illegal mining in Punjab via helicopter but he did not take any action against it since his very own blue eyes MLAs are indulged in the illegal trade and if the chief minister is not able to take on the mafia governed by Congress MLAs in his very own city then how can he can stop it in Punjab. Dr.Gandhi said that the plunder and loot of Punjab done by Congress has crossed the records created by Akalis and Congress is setting new milestones of Mafia Raj.

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