May 15, 2019 09:46 PM

Chandigarh  (Face2News)

IAS Centre, Panjab University conducted mock interviews for the candidates of  PCS Executive and Assistant Commandant, Central Armed Police Forces on Wednesday. The  panellists for the mock interviews comprised of Lt. Gen. PK Grover, former Chief  Western Command, Dr. Krishan Mohan, former Home Secretary, Haryana, Prof. Anil
Monga, Prof. Parmjit Kaur, Director, IAS Centre and Dr. Shruti Bedi, Coordinator,  IAS Centre.

The candidates were suitably interviewed and grilled for the upcoming  interviews. The were asked questions on the situation existing in Punjab and the  issues confronting the bureaucracy in the State. The candidates for the Police Forces  
were questioned about the role of police and on the reasons of the problems being  faced by the police forces.  Each candidate was interviewed for at least half an hour. They were also give  feedback as to how to improve their presentation and answers. The candidates greatly  benefited from the session. These interviews being conducted by the IAS Centre,  Panjab University is the second in the series. 


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