Guru Nanak’s Philosophy can impart ethical aspect and a global perspective to the present globalization

May 23, 2019 10:23 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

‘Oneness is the central theme of Guru Nanak’s Philosophy and it lays the foundation for the unity of mankind, Capitalism has reversed the essence of human experience that ethics are above economics and ethics lay the foundation of the society’, said Dr Swaraj Singh, Global Thinker Awardee during his lecture on the ‘Universality of Guru Nanak’s Philosophy’ today at the Department of Guru Nanak Sikh Studies Panjab University, Chandigarh.

  He further added that capitalism has put economics above ethics. Guru Nanak’s Philosophy restores the supremacy of ethics above economics. It reveals that Nirgun (Transcendent reality) and Sargun (Manifest reality) are not two separate realties but the two aspects are of the same reality.

This principle also lays the foundation of Guru Nanak’s concept of unity in diversity. Gender Diversity is also a part of natural diversity. Women and men complement each other and together form one complete unit. Guru Nanak’s concept of all inclusive brotherhood is very relevant today. Guru Nanak’s Philosophy can impart ethical aspect and a global perspective to the present globalization which is lacking both these elements, he added.

Department has organized today’s special lecture under the planned programme being organized in the commemoration of 550th Parkash Purav of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, said Professor Jaspal Kaur Kaang Academic Incharge and former Chairperson of the Department.

At this occasion, a dialogue on the book titled ‘Sansarikaran De Daur Vich Purab Ate Sikh Vichardhara Di Sarthikta’ of Dr. Swaraj Singh was presented by Shri Gurbachan Singh, Editor of Desh Punjab. He said that Dr. Swaraj Singh is a Philosopher who has really grasped the main trends of today’s world.

The Chief guest of the function was Professor Shankarji Jha Dean of University Instructions, P.U., Professor Darshan Singh as guest of honor presided over the function. Professor Gurpal Singh graced the function. There were a number of participants from the various departments, colleges and Institutions w attended the lecture.

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