May 24, 2019 06:36 PM

CM Captain Amarinder Singh and Badals are playing friendly match: Brahmpura

Chandigarh (Face2News)

The 2019 Lok Sabha elections have been completed but in Punjab the Shiromani Akali Dal known as panthik party of Sikhs has faced a very shameful and humiliating defeat for which the Badal family is responsible.

  Shiromani Akali Dal (Taksali) president and MP Ranjit Singh Brahmpura has blamed the Badal family for such shameful and humiliating defeat of the entire party in Lok Sabha elections. The both Lok Sabha seats which Badal couple has win from Firozpur and Bathinda were only confiscated with the convenience of CM Capt Amarinder Singh and it is quite evident from the fact that these two families have been fooling the people of the state for their personal vested interest," Brahmpura alleged in press release issued here from party head office.

"The Supreme political party of Sikhs SAD was placed on the foundation of blood and sacrifice of Martyrs and the said political party stood behind all grief and pains of Sikh community but the same political party has been spoiled and tarnished by selfish and greedy Badal family, "Brahmpura Said.

"The shameful action and wrong activities done by Badal Couple ans their Companions who have spoiled the honour and grace of SAD should be shameful for their such action. But they are enjoying and over joying instead of making shameful figure," Brahmpura has strongly condemned in a press release.

"These guilty persons of Badal family should pardon from the whole Sikh community and party workers for such shameful defeat in Lok Sabha elections. As they could not save the righteousness of Sikh community for which Sikh community will not spare them," Brahmpura said.

"SAD president Sukhbir Singh Badal should tender his resignation over shameful defeat in Lok Sabha elections and to spoiled the panthic party SAD for their personal interest and gains," Brahmpura also added in the press statement.

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