May 25, 2019 08:52 PM

Asks field officers to accomplish ‘mission CCTV cameras' timely

Chandigarh (Face2News)

Aiming at control of crimes and elimination of drug menace,Punjab Director General of Police Dinkar Gupta today set the priorities for the Punjab police and stressed upon to put effective control on terrorist crimes, gangster activities, drive against drugs and heinous crimes in the states. In addition to this, he also directed the field officers to prevent and control the crimes against women and redress the public grievances on priority. 

 Elaborating his ‘Mission CCTV cameras' to check criminal activities in the state, DGP asked all the range officers and SSPs to put all out efforts for installations of such cameras at each entry and exit points into all cities/towns besides covering all vulnerable locations.

For quick disposal of old vehicles belonging to case properties, Dinkar Gupta asked the concerned senior officers to develop data based applications for priority areas to streamline disposal of old vehicles at range level and police districts offices at the earliest. In addition to this, Mr Gupta directed the concerned officers to update all data pertaining to arms licenses, arms dealers, manpower, vehicles and driving licenses on such online software applications by coordinating with district police chiefs.

Presiding over a state level meeting of all CPs and SSPs, he also suggested to simplify Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS) forms, computerization of police station records and timely updating of all types of crime data on the platform. He also asked all the CPs and SSPs to hold weekly crime meetings on every Wednesday to take stock of progress reports of their subordinate officers.

Presenting his progress ADGP IT&T, Kuldeep Singh informed in the meeting that Punjab is a leading state in the country for fully utilizing, updation and data base records on CCTNS. He advised the district heads for timely synchronizing the daily data and records on the system at police station level.

Elaborating his action points for SSPs during the meeting, DGP advised them to deploy lady inspectors to investigate all sexual assault cases and listing of top 100 criminals at each police station.

He also advised to appoint liaison officers for all schools/colleges besides mapping of policemen to villages. Besides this, Dinkar Gupta also directed the field officers to constitute various crime specific teams, social media teams, investigation and technical teams at district level to trace the crimes.

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