June 03, 2019 11:16 PM

New Delhi (Face2News)

Information was receivedin the Inter State Cell Crime Branch, that gang is involved in sending stolen/robbed smart phones to Nepal. This information was developed, which revealed that a group of persons working in a very systematic manner are sendingsnatched/robbed mobile phones to Nepal.

A dedicated team was constituted underthe supervision of ACP Jasbir Singh, led by Insp. Gurmeet Singh comprising of,SI Surendra Sharma, ASI’s Sanjay, Yashpal, Surender Rathi, Abhey, HC’sBijender, Virender, Ct’s Amit, Mohit, Parminder Ranbir, Sandeep, Jitender and Lalaram, under overall supervision of undersign to nab the criminals, painstakingly,the information was developed which revealed that the snatchers/robbers used tosteal the mobile phones handed it over to a middle man who further handed itover to the Kingpin of the gang for further sending it to Nepal.

The Nepalese receiver had a salaried employee in Delhi used to coordinate the movements of these mobile phones from Delhi to Nepal and would also facilitate the paymentfor these phones through illegal channels of monetary transactions. 

Mr. Rajesh Deo, Dy.Commissioner of Police, Crime(ISC), Delhi, said on May 25, complainant reported that she came to Connaught place and one boy riding on a Honda Activa snatched her Mobile Phones, upon which the polices comes to action.  

Modus operandi:

The accused disclosed that they had worked in the Gaffar Market for the last couple of years as mobile repair man. Howeverdue to the regular raids by police agencies and fall in the rates of mobilephones, the job of repairing and re -sale of mobile phones had much decreased.

In the last couple of years the demand of used high end mobile phone hadincreased in Nepal and other neighboring countries. As the IMEI search ofthe stolen snatched mobile phone is restricted with in India, this gavethem a new channel to dispose the stolen, robbed, mobile phones. The regular bus transport services made it possible to send the mobile phone to Nepal and thus became quite a lucrative and high return business.

Police said, accused  Naresh Kumar R/o Karol Bagh, New Delhi, Age 30Years, Total 211 Mobile Phones recovered from his possession, initially he usedto work in a finance company, then he left the job and started purchasing thestolen/robbed mobile phones and further send it to Nepal to avoid the IME Itracing. 

Mukesh Kumar R/o Karol Bagh, Delhi, Age 38 Years, he used to purchase stolen mobile phones from the snatchers/pick pockets and hand it over to Naresh.

Naresh Kumar R/o Karol Bagh, Delhi, Age 27 Years, he used to purchase stolen mobilephones from the snatchers/pickpockets and hand it over to Naresh mentioned above.  

Rajan@ Ajeet R/o Paharganj, Delhi, Age 28 years, he used to purchase stolen mobilephones from the snatchers/ pickpockets and hand it over to Naresh. He is already involved in 5 cases in Delhi, mostly in Paharganj.  

Ram Singh R/o Punjabi Basti, Delhi, Age 58Years, Permanent address Kathmandu, Nepal, employee of Nepalese receiver. 

Gopal Pathak R/o Karawal Nagar, Delhi 31Years he used to purchase stolen mobile phones from the snatchers/pickpocketsand hand it over to Naresh. 

Rohit @Kake R/o Kirari Suleman Nagar, Age23 Yrs. He is a habitual snatcher/robber used to sell the snatched/robbed mobile phones to accused Naresh Kumar. He was involved in atleast 6 cases registgered in different police station in Delhi.    

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