June 04, 2019 11:08 PM

Mt. Abu (Raj Sadosh)

Prof. P K Khosla, Vice Chancellor, Shoolini University, Solan (Himachal Pradesh) and other dignitaries today inaugurated annual conference on Sustainable Yogic Agriculture (SYA) organised by Agriculture and Rural Development wing of the Brahmakumaris at Gyan Sarovar complex in Mt Abu by lighting of lamps. The guests from different states were welcomed by BK Raju, vice president of the wing. Dishita Singh from Bangalore presented welcome dance and Madhurvani group presented welcome song.

Gyan Sarovar Director Dr Nirmala, Badri Vishal assistant Director, Agriculture Department, Lucknow, national coordinator BK Sunanda from Kolhapur, chairperson BK Sarla from Mehsana and BK Shashikant addressed the gathering.

The participants said that SYA refers to agricultural and farming practices which involve bio-organic and natural inputs along with application of positive thinking, pure feelings and mind power. Thus it involves not only macro energy and materials but also micro energy as well as metaphysical inputs in terms of positive vibrations right from the stage of seed bed preparation, sowing, to harvesting and storage. It is a new innovative agricultural concept which involves modern farming with traditional knowledge SYA offers to farmers an ancient method, integrating meditative practices in their daily lifestyles. The application of mind power for farming was easily envisaged and eventually implemented with very good results.

They said that SYA is yogic culture based agriculture with traditional Indian farming methods. Farmers use organically based fertilizers and compost made from organic waste from the crops and cattle excretions maintain the originality of the environment.

In India agriculture had been practiced for 5,000 years without embarrassing the environment. This was only possible through the spiritual culture of unity in biodiversity. Once known for its past wealth in its culture and economy, India’s ancient heritage has been lost.

The innovative feature is drawn from a phenomenon that is attracting the attention of researchers - the effect of human thoughts and feelings on the environment and matter.The farmers create positive thoughts and visualize their desired result at each stage of farming, from preparing the land for sowing to the time of harvesting, i.e. from seed to yield, they added.

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