June 09, 2019 10:52 PM

New Delhi (Face2News)

In a major breakthrough, a team of Cyber Crime Unit (CyPAD), Delhi has busted agang of fraudsters indulged in cheating people and arrested three members ofthe gang including the gang leader, all of them being Nigerian Nationals. Theaccused persons have been identified as  Franklyn Chinedu Uzowuiher/o Imo State, Nigeria Aged 32 Years, Ukegbu Emmawuel Chigozier/o Imo State, Nigeria Aged 40 Years and Samuel Chizoba r/o AnambraState, Nigeria Aged 34 Years.  

Accused had created hundreds of fake profiles on different matrimonial websites, Called victims over WhatsApp using virtual numbers with +1 (US) and +44 (UK) ISD Codes., Dozens of persons duped of several lakhs of rupees


Mr.Anyesh Roy, DCP, Cyber Crime Cell, said on Saturday that complaint was received at Cyber Crime Unit in which the complainant had allegedthat he was cheated by a group of unknown persons on the pretext offriendship/marriage. He was induced by the accused persons to deposit aroundRs. 2.5 lacs in various bank accounts to get a so called gift/parcel clearedfrom customs which was supposedly sent for him from the UK. Later, when he did not receive any parcel andaccused persons started asking for more money, he got suspicious and refused togive the money. He, subsequently, filed a complaint with the Cyber Crime Unit(CyPAD). A case FIR under relevant sections of law was registered andinvestigation was taken up.

TEAM & INVESTIGATION: A dedicated team under the closesupervision of ACP Aditya Gautam comprising of SI Vijender, SI Parbhat, ASI Ved Pal, ASI Harjeet, HC Jitender, HC RamKumar, Ct Rahul, Ct Ravi Nandan, Ct Saurav & Ct Vipin Partap wasconstituted. The accused persons were apprehended based on technical and manualinformation.

INTERROGATION, DISCLOSURE & MODUSOPERANDI: The interrogation of the accused persons and aperusal of their mobile phones/laptop revealed that they had been stayingillegally in India for over four years now, after their visas expired. Theyhave cheated dozens of people on the pretext of providing visa assistance,marriage inducement, foreign jobs, etc. They used to contact people on varioussocial media platform and offer services for obtaining visa of variouscountries. They would then induce the unsuspecting victims to deposit money,ranging from 25,000 to 3.5 lakhs, in various bank accounts and subsequently,stop taking their calls.

The accused persons had also created fake profiles (of affluent foreigner or NRImen and women) on several matrimonial sites. They would contact the victim andinduce them with a marriage proposal. Theycalled victims over WhatsApp using virtual numbers with +1 (US) and +44 (UK)ISD Codes. After chatting with thevictims for a few days, they would tell the victims that they were sending aparcel with expensive gifts and foreign currency for them.

A few days later,the victims would get a call from someone claiming to be from the CustomsDepartment who would ask for money to get the customs clearance. This will be followed by calls from various numbers demanding money for charges such as IMF approval, International Transfer Permission, Embassy Charges, etc. In this way,they would induce the victim to deposit money (up to several lakhs) in variousbank accounts and then stop taking their calls. They have, similarly, cheatedseveral people on the pretext of providing them jobs in various foreigncompanies.

Investigation of the case is under progress. Efforts are being made to identify more victims. 

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