July 03, 2019 11:47 PM

New Delhi (Face2News)

With the arrest of 04 gamblers team of AATS, West has busted a gang of gamblersindulged in betting racket on Cricket World Cup-2019. With their arrest, StakeMoney Rs. 1,61,000/- in cash, one portable manual telephone exchange attachiwith 11 mobile phones, 04 mobile phones used for betting, one Dell  Laptop for maintaining accounts through imported software Assistant BettingiBook, one LED TV with Wifi Set Top Box & one Notepad have been recoveredfrom the possession of the accused persons

Monika Bhardwaj, IPS, Dy.Commissioner Of Police, West District, New Delhi, A  case of gambling has beenregistered vide FIR No. 201/19 U/s 3/4/5/12/9/55 Delhi Gambling Act in PS KirtiNagar, West Delhi.

Inview to curb and look on to betting racket on Cricket World Cup-2019, team ofAATS West was directed to detect and take necessary action against suchcriminals. Team of AATS developed criminal intelligence in various parts ofWest Delhi and deployed sources. 

In continuation to this exercise, on 02.07.2019, secretinformation through source was received in office of AATS, that Dharmatma @Bobby with his friends namely Lalit, Sachin and Kanhiya are doing betting in a housein Ramesh Nagar, Delhi on Cricket World Cup -2019 Match betweenIndia-Bangladesh through mobile phone and written slips. On this, a raiding party comprising of SI MohitParkash, SI Ishwar Singh, ASI Raj Kumar, ASI Om Prakash, ASI Kirori Mal, HC Rajeev, HC Rashid Khan, Ct. Lalit under the leadership of Inspector Manoj Kumar, I/c AATS, West and overall supervisionof ACP/Operation Cell, West was constituted to conduct a raid and apprehend thecriminals involved in this crime. Theinformation was further verified and a raid was conducted in a in Ramesh Nagar,Delhi, where four persons were found indulged in betting on the match.

On verification, they were identified as Dharmatma Singh @ Bobby,Lalit Sharma, Sachin Vharija and Kanhiya Kumar. They were using portable manualtelephone exchange Attachi with Mobile Phones, Laptop & Notepad for writingbets. 01 portable manual telephone exchange Attachi with 11 mobilephones, 04 other mobile phones, 01 Laptop, 01 LED TV with WiFi Set Top Box,Notepad and cash Rs. 1,61,000/- (stake money) were seized from theirpossession. Accordingly, a case vide FIR No. 201/19 u/s 3/4/5/12/9/55 DelhiGambling Act in PS Kirti Nagar was registered and all four accused persons werearrested. 


Duringinterrogation, they revealed that recently they had taken one portable manualtelephone exchange attachi, 15 new mobile numbers for the purpose of using in bettingon Cricket World Cup Matches. Then, they circulated these numbers in several groupsof their known persons. Anyone, who wants to place any bet can call on thesemobile numbers during the play of Cricket World Cup matches and place a bet ofhis choice. They had also issued written slips to persons who placed bets onany team’s win or lose. They have got installed an automated programme namely ‘BettingAssistant iBook’ on the laptop for keeping the account balances of differentpunters. Till their apprehension, they have written bets of approximately Rs.21.5 Lakhs.


1. Dharmatma Singh @ Bobby AGE 44 years R/o East PunjabiBagh, Delhi

2. LalitSharma age 33 years R/o New Moti Nagar, Delhi

3. SachinVharija age 33 years R/o Ramesh Nagar,Delhi

4. Kanhiya Kumar age 19 years R/o East Punjabi Bagh,Delhi

RECOVERY: Stake Money Rs 1,61,000/-,  One LED TV & Internet WiFi Set Top Box,. One Portable Manual Telephone Exchange with 11 mobiles,  04 other mobiles, 01Dell Laptop

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