July 12, 2019 10:45 PM

Chandigarh  (Face2News)

BioNEST and Department of Microbial Biotechnology, Panjab University(PU), Chandigarh launched a new product named “Novice Seri”, here today by Prof. Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor in the presence of Dr. Ani Wali, Managing Director, FITT-IIT, New Delhi and Dr. Rohit Sharma, Chairperson & Project Leader, BioNEST, PU .

PU VC in his address congratulated the team for the product launch and assured of all help from PU. He spoke about the potential and strengths of the University scholars and students while emphasizing on importance of research and innovation in the progress of society and nation. He informed that for the benefit of Industry, PU has decided to open the labs of University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences for outsiders. He also announced opening up of a new Incubation Centre at PU.

Dr. Wali addressed the gathering by stating the importance of entrepreneurship and Innovative Ecosystem in India. He added that PU is being looked at as a leader for Incubation in Northern India. He assured of all support to bring more such activities in the in the region.

Dr. Rohit informed that there are 16 Incubatees from 3 different verticals i.e. Bio-Pharmaceuticals, Bio Processed Technology and Food & Agriculture are being run which are heavily funded through different funding opportunities. He informed that the process of interaction with industry for commercialisation and technology transfer of the new product has already been initiated. The product will be beneficial for the R&D Industry where multi process parameters are working which will reduce the efforts by 1/6th and also will be cost effective.

The inventor, Ms. Shivanshi Vashist, , Sr. Scientific Officer and Innovator, Panjab University  said that “The apparatus can be used in research and development laboratories and in various industries that require optimizations of multiple processes (all types of biological optimization and/or production processes) in a single run. Further, it has a wide area of application and can be manufactured at industrial level because of the operation of multiple parametric controls in a single apparatus setup.”

The present invention involves a set of 6 bioreactors/fermenters/vessels using the same source of water and air, each process running independent of each other that can be attached in series or discontinuous which are connected to the main control panel with unique and innovative electronic module that can control multiple parameters in multiple bioreactors at the given time.

This will save time cost, water and or air wastage and an advanced system of biological engineering that take the production setup to a new level. Each vessel is connected to the main control panel through a panel board easing out the operations at user level. The present apparatus is not only novel in its making and construction but also suffices the industrial application where production of large biotechnological material is to be carried out in a single run. The key feature of present invention is a specifically designed electronic module which enables independent operation of multiple fermentations/ bio processes with a single control panel through separate panel board for each vessel/ fermenter.The product is fabricated by Mr. Karam Singh, GAK Equipments and Technologies, Mohali

Large number of Stakeholders, Chairpersons, Faculty, Researchers and students were present during the launch.

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