July 13, 2019 10:30 PM

New Delhi (New Delhi)

In a major breakthrough, the sleuths ofSpecial Staff/West district, Delhi succeed to nab a desperate & notoriouscriminal namely Javed @ J.D., a resident of Mustfabad Delhi, and active memberof infamous ‘Namaste Gang’ wanted innumber of broad day light gun point robbery in Delhi and NCR. He was also wantedin a case of MCOCA and Proclaimed Offender in one case as well.

The accused roped inhis associates Ikrar @ Bhura & Wasim Malik, both resident of Mustfabad,Delhi and the gang committed many robberies in tandem under the jurisdiction ofWest and its adjoining districts.



Monika Bhardwaj, IPS,Deputy Commissioner of Police, West District, Delhi told that On 05/03/2019, complainant informed that he wascoming from Delhi High Court and going towards Naraina in his car. At around 1PM, when he reached at NDPL Red Light Inder Puri, two persons riding a scootystopped near his car and the pillion rider bowed his head towards him in ‘Namaste’ gesture. When he crossed thered light and reached in front of the quarters of Krishi Kunj, the scooty riderblocked his way and stopped his scooty. He stopped his car presuming them to behis known.

The pillion rider came towards left side of his car. He rolled down thewindow pane and the person introduced himself from Bawana. In the meanwhile,the scooty rider came to his right side and took out ignition key from car. Assuch all the doors of the car unlocked and the person on left side immediatelyentered the car. That person forcibly robbed his hand bracelet, cash Rs.18,000/-.

Meanwhile, their third associate also reached there on another scootyand passed some signal towards the person sitting in his car. Thereafter, theculprit got off from his car and the trio fled away on their scooters on the wrongcarriageway. Accordingly, a case vide FIR No. 50/17, dated 05/03/2017, U/S392/34 IPC, P.S. Inder Puri, Delhi was registered and investigation taken up.

Monika Bhardwaj further said several incidents were reported inWest District in the recent past also and the manner in which the robber werestriking rapidly, there was a sense of insecurity among the general public. Theculprits were committing offence in highly professional manner, leaving noclue/ evidence behind. Further they leave the victim so traumatized that noneof the victims could give material clue regarding the culprits and the gang hadturned a fear factor for general public. 

Hence, keeping in view the severity ofcrime, the team of the Special Staff/West District was roped to bust the gangand arrest the culprits. The team working diligently started verification of identifiedgang members of ‘Namaste Gang’. Dossiers of suspected members were shown to thecomplainant of the case, who raised his suspicion over some criminals.Technical surveillance was mounted over the movement of the suspects and informerswere sensitized to collect manual information about them. Raids were conductedat the possible hideouts of the suspected criminals, but they could not benabbed. 

The massive human efforts and hardwork of the team finally bore fruits when SI Rajender Kumar Dhaka, posted inSpecial Staff/West District received a tip-off that the kingpin of the gang Javed@ J.D. is hiding in Surat Gujarat. The information was immediately shared with seniorofficers and a team comprising SI Rajender Dhaka, SI Sumer Singh,SI Sushil Kumar, ASI Dilbag Singh, HC Satender Tyagi, HC Rupesh Kumar, HCNaveen Kumar, HC Shri Pal, HC Mukesh and Ct. Manjeet under the leadership of Insp. JaiPrakash/Insp. Spl. Staff, and overall supervision of Sh. Uma Shankar, ACP/Operations/ West District, Delhi. 

Accordingly,team led by SI Rajender Kumar Dhaka raided at several hideouts of accused in Surat,Gujarat. The location of the culprit was intercepted to a very denselypopulated area and it was like searching a needle from the haystack. However,working with positive and decisive approach, the team managed to pin-point hishideouts. However, the target was continuously shifting between Surat &Vapi city of Gujarat, ostensibly to dodge the police teams. After a massivemanhunt of whopping six days, the team finally nabbed the culprit from Textile Market,Surat Gujarat on 08/07/2019. During interrogation he confessed to the crime.Hence, he was arrested and brought to Delhi with due legal procedure in policecustody. 

DISCLOSURE: Oncustodial interrogation accused disclosed that he had earlier remained involvedin several cases of robbery being an active member of ‘Namaste Gang’. However, their four mainstream members werearrested in 2017 and he was also arrested. After release from jail, he remainedinactive and started assisting his elder brother in textile business in Surat,Gujarat. However, he was not earning enough and financially crunched. In orderto earn quick buck, he contacted with his fellow gang members Ikrar @ Bhura andWasim Malik, both residents of Mustafabad, Delhi to revive the gang. The trioadopted same modus operandi and started committing robbery. The gang used to strikeespecially in the area of Western Delhi as they were well versed with this area.

They specially target single persons wearing heavy gold ornaments and drivingcars. While committing crime, they used to introduce themselves as members of someinfamous active gang to terrorize and mislead the victim. After committingrobbery, they took wrong carriage way, so that the victim neither chases themnor could note the number of their vehicles. Rest of the gang members are yetto be traced and sincere efforts are being made to nab them. 

MODUS OPERANDI:  Culprits used to roam in a group of three to four members on twodifferent motorcycle/ scooters. The gang especially target persons wearing goldjewellary and driving alone. After selecting the target, one of the scooteristride parallel to the target vehicle, pass smile at the driver, wave handsoffering ‘Namaste’ and request to stop car at verge of the road. After that hereaches to the left side of car and when the driver rolls down the window pane,they open the door and enter the car.

In the meantime, another associate sitsat the rear seat, whereas one of their associate stops his motorcycle/ scooterclose to the driver side door of the car, blocking his exit. In this manner therobbers completely block their target and the victim feel stranded. At first,the culprits introduce themselves from some infamous gang and try to speak inHaryanvi language. Further they tell the victim that they have information ofhuge cash with him and ask to hand over the same. They threat the victim withdire consequences by showing firearm and finally rob all the cash, jewellary articlesor other valuable items with him. They flew away with booty on their vehiclestaking wrong carriage way, so that they are not chased by the victim. Staff involved in good work arebeing rewarded suitably. 


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