July 13, 2019 10:36 PM

New Delhi (Face2News)

With the arrest of Ratibhawan @ Raju Dube r/o Gonda, UP aged 28 yearsand his wife aged 24 years, the Delhi Railway Police (GRP) team of PoliceStation Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station has recovered a two year kidnappedfemale child from the clutch of the kidnapper & arrested both kidnapperfrom their rented house at Vijay Nagar, Ghaziabad, UP.

Mr. Dinesh Kumar Gupta, DCP, Railways, on  12/7/2019 atabout 9.51 AM, a PCR Call vide DD No. 7A was received at atPolice Station Hazrat Nizamuddin RailwayStation that a two year old female child has been kidnapped by unknown ladyfrom platform No.6-7, Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station.

The Police rushed to the spot & enquiredthe matter. The father of child r/oPolice Station & Distt. Washim, Maharashtra informed that he alongwith his10-12 family members came to Delhi to earn their livelihood as there was floodin their village. Some of them returnedback to their native place and now he alongwith his wife & some otherincluding two year female child came to Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station for going to their nativevillage and slept at platform No.6-7, as their train was schedule to departurein the morning. In the wee hour they noticed that their child is notthere. They searched for her everywhere,but of no avail. On his statement, a case u/s 363 IPC dt 12.7.19 was got registered at Police Station HazratNizamuddin Railway Station.

A dedicatedPolice team under the supervision of Shri Mahender Kumar, ACP/ODSD comprisingof Inspr. Shiv Charan Meena, ATO, ASI Mukesh Kumar, ASI Harpal Singh, HCKaushlender, Ct. Prem Narayan, Ct. Surender, Ct. Suresh, W/Ct Anita & otherwas constituted under the overall supervision & guidance of undersigned torecover the kidnapped child & arrest kidnapper at the earliest.

During the course of investigation, CCTVfootages were thoroughly analyzed. Secret informers, members of Eye & earschemes were deployed to find out any clue about the kidnapped child &kidnapper. On CCTV footage scrutiny, accused Ratibhawan @ Raju Dube & his wife wereseen kidnapping the child. The CCTV footages were procured and shown tovendors, porters, Taxi/TSR drivers, hawkers & many others remains presentaround the Hazrat Nizamuddin RailwayStation.

The teamsucceeded to find clue about Ratibhawan @ Raju Dube and he was apprehended fromNangli, Sarai Kale Khan. On sustainedinterrogation, he revealed that he is working with a vendor as casual labourfrom the last 07 years. He was marriedabout 03 years ago. This was his wife’s secondmarriage. She was earlier married to a person r/o Amritsar, Punjab and had twomale children. Thereafter, she optedfamily planning and undergone sterilization. Later her one child expired & other one was taken by her ex husbandwith him, after some dispute between them. The accused further disclosed that they wanted a child and his wife waspressuring hard for the same. They planned to kidnap a minor child from HazratNizamuddin Railway Station as many passenger sleep there with their child.

He was arrested in the present case and on hisinstance; the kidnapped child was recovered from his in-laws house situated atVijay Nagar, Ghaziabad (UP). His wifehas also been arrested. The section 365IPC has been added in the case. The child was medically examined, Child Welfare Committee has been informed,NGO has been associated in the investigation, who counseled the child‘sparent. No previous past criminal recordhas been found of accused persons, they committed the crime onlyto fulfill their desire to have a child.

The rescued child has been handed overto her parents with the approval of chairperson, CWC. The child will beproduced before the CWC on Monday. The case will be finalized at the earliest. The police team is being suitably rewarded.


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