August 13, 2019 11:17 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News) 

On the occasion of International Youth Day, Sh. Bikram Rana, State Liaison Officer (SLO) NSS, Chandigarh appreciated the ANN ANAND FOR ANIMALS initiative" of NSS, Panjab University, Chandigarh under the mentorship of Dr Gaurav Gaur, NSS Programme Officer, PU which is purely on voluntary basis along-with his team for welfare of animals and saving the environment. UN General Assembly has designated 12 August as International Youth Day since 1999. As per the United Nations, at present there are 1.8 billion youth between the age of 10-24 years across the world. 

SLO said that “instead of all odds, Dr Gaur and his team have shown the highest level of the commitment and passion towards the best use of left over green vegetables collected from various hostels and canteens and transporting them to the cow sheds at their own. There, all this material is offered to cows and especially to the bulls as food. The SLO announced that very soon he would honour all these youngsters for doing this exceptional initiative.

Dr. Gaur, shared with the Dr Bikram Rana and Dr Navdeep Sharma, NSS, Programme Coordinator, PU about the various roles performed by different students in the execution of these activities step by step. He shared that at present various students, NSS volunteers, alumni of the University and other philanthropists’ are supporting this cause. He shared that, after winters it was very difficult to maintain this project because there were no more left over green vegetables available in the hostels. This made the team members to think and rethink on various ways to sustain this activity. Finally with the zeal and dedication shown by all of them, we were able to continue the same even in summer vacations. He said we have started collecting green fodder through the help of various students, like minded families and other volunteers from outside the University and started transporting it to the nearest cow-shed.

This initiative is now supported by the team of volunteers including Ms Ishita Choudhary, Mr Shishpal Seokand, Mr Sanjay, Ms Samiksha Sood, Ms Yukti, Ms Garima Sharma, Mr Hannu Gandhi and Mr Aadishwar Chandel from within and outside the University. While interacting, the SLO appreciated the hard efforts made by the whole team who have made the State Cell of NSS along with Panjab University authorities to feel proud about this unique programme. He along with Dr Navdeep applauded the efforts of Dr Gaur for having such a dedicated team of students and leading it and setting-up an example of humanitarian effort in community service by really doing.  


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