August 22, 2019 10:24 PM

Chandigarh (fACE2nEWS)

During the month of June last, 10 days special camps for collection of outstanding rent from Small Flats owners were organized by the Chandigarh Housing Board at seven  locations namely Dhanas, Ramdarbar, Maulijagran, Sector-38, West Sector-49, Sector-56 and at Industrial Area Phase-I.

Further three days mini-camps were organized at these locations during the month of July. Special Counters have also been provided in these locations to collect monthly rents. These efforts resulted into recovery of about Rs. 10 crores during the last three months but rent amount more than Rs. 20 crores are yet to be recovered from the allottees of the Small Flats.

Here it is mentioned that monthly rent of the small flats is Rs. 800/- for first five years and the same is increased by 20% after every five years. Hence the monthly rent is highly subsidized and the allottees should have cleared their dues to avoid the actions like cancellation and eviction etc.

The Chandigarh Housing Board has issued notices to more than 6000 allottees but only some of them have cleared their pending dues. In about 275 cases, the CHB has issued three notices for cancellation but 227 allottees have not yet cleared their outstanding dues.

The 227 Small Flats where repeated Show Cause Notices have been issued can be cancelled any time. However final decision about cancellation has been kept pending till 31.08.2019. The detail of these 227 small flats has been uploaded on the website of CHB i.e. In case they fail to clear their dues by 31.08.2019, their allotment may be cancelled in first week of September and thereafter they will be evicted from the small flats after following the due process.

All the allottees of Small Flats are again requested to clear their pending dues immediately to avoid cancellation of their flats. In case there is any discrepancy/dispute, the allottee/licensee may pay the admitted outstanding dues and contact the Colony Branch at the office of Chandigarh Housing Board (Recovery Section, Block ‘C’) alongwith proof of payment etc. for reconciliation.

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