August 23, 2019 08:07 PM

New Delhi (Face2News)

The GRP of Police Station Anand Vihar RailwayStation has arrested a Nigerian National namely Emeka Emmanuel (35) R/O- Nigeria, from Anand Vihar Railway Station and 14 KG Cannabis (Gaanja) has been recoveredfrom his possession. He has been arrested vide case FIR No.38/2019 U/s 20 NDPSAct, Police Station Anand Vihar Railway Station.

Mr. Dinesh Kumar Gupta, DCP, Railways, said, on 21/08/2019, HC Lalit Kumar, of P.S.Anand Vihar Railway Station was on patrolling duty. At about 8.00 AM, when he reached nearreservation hall, he was called by a taxi driver & reported that a foreignerhas hired his taxi for going to Mehrauli having two bags is sitting in histaxi. Some suspicious material may be kept in the bags. The HC alongwith Ct. Harjaan & taxi driver Mr. Harender Pratap reached near thetaxi and enquired from said foreigner passenger as to what has been kept in hisbag, but he did not replied anything. HC Lalit opened both the bags and foundsuspicious material to be cannabis (Gaanja ) in polythene bags. He informed Police Station and ASI Vinod Kumar of PS Anand Vihar alongwith staff reached the spot, who enquired thematter from Emeka Emmanuel above, but he did not replied anything. On the basisof statement of HC Lalit above mentioned case was got registered and accusedabove was arrested in the case as per procedure.

On personal search a passport in the name of Emeka Emmanuel of Federal Republic of Nigeria having a copy of Visa of republic of India issued on 20/05/2019 valid upto 19/05/2020 alongwith another articles were recovered from his possession. He was interrogated but he remains silent anddid not reply any question. The Nigerian Embassy has been informed about hisarrest. His passport/Visa is being verified. He was produced before the Hon’ble Court concerned and he has been sent to Judicial Custody for 14 days. The informer of the case is beingsuitably rewarded for his future encouragement. The investigation of the case is in progress. 


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