September 03, 2019 09:20 PM

New Delhi (Face2News)

A team of SIU-II, Crime Branch, Nand Nagri, Delhi has arrested a gang of fivedesperate women thieves namely Rekha (age 45 years) R/o Jhuggi Nand Nagri, Delhi, Sunita (age 48 years) r/o Jhuggi Nand Nagri, Delhi,Boby @Seema (age 32 years) r/oJhuggi Nand Nagri, Delhi, Kaushal (age 45 years) R/o Jhuggi Nand Nagri, Delhi and Shimla (age 60 years) R/o Jhuggi, Meet Nagar, Delhi. They used to steal jewelleryfrom shops after engaging the shopkeepers in conversation. Silver Jewelleryweighing approx. 1/2 Kg has recovered from their possession.

Mr. Rajesh Deo, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Crime Branch (SIU & ISC), Delhi, said, secret information was received by ASI Tarachand that a gang of five desperate womenthieves hadcommitted theft of gold jewellery worth Rs. 10 lakh in a jewellery shopsituated at Punjabi Bagh area few days ago and they wouldbe coming near red light Tahirpur after committing theft in jewellery shops ofSouth Delhi area.

On 02.09.19, a team of Insp. Surender Kumar comprising of SI PawanYadav, W/SI Anita Rani, ASI Tarachand, ASI Dinesh Kumar, ASI Mahesh Kumar, HCKarambir, HC Pankaj, HC Gurcharan, W/Ct. Pooja, Ct Sunil, Ct. Satish & Ct.Kapil under the supervision of Sh. Jasbir Singh, ACP,SIU-II/Crime Branch, tracked the location of the all the thieves andapprehended them near Red Light, Tahir Pur, Delhi and recovered jewelleryweighing apprx. ½ Kg reported to be stolen from the shops of Madan Pur Khadar.


All the accused women are relatives and experts in jewellery thefts and they used tocommit thefts in a group of 4/5. The gang used to conduct a recce andtarget those jewellery shops where employees were girls/ladies. During thetheft, two or three accused women used to engage the shopkeepers in deepconversation and other members would steal ornaments and hide them in theirclothes. Shopkeepers/ staff did not suspect them because of their gender &age. They never visited same area after committing the theft there.

On 02.09.19 also, they were coming back to their homes after committing theft of silverjewellery from three shops in Madan Pur Khadar area. Silver jewellery weighingapprx. ½ Kg has also been recovered from their possession. The CCTV footage oftheft committed by them in a shop situated at Punjabi Bagh area has also goneviral.

RECOVERY: Following silverjewellery have been recovered from accused persons-- 8 pair anklets, 83 rings, 3 pair child bracelets 2 chains 

PREVIOUS INVOLVEMENT :  Boby @ Seema is involved in 4cases of similar kind of thefts. Sunita is involved in 2 cases ofsimilar kind of thefts. Shimla is involved in 2 cases ofsimilar kind of thefts.

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