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  Police Team of special staff, Rohini district, reported to have arrested 11 persons namely:  Prabhat Singh. Rupesh @ Raj Rajput, Jitender @ Babu,  Robin Mathew, Dalip Singh,  Vishal,  Ranjan Garg, Vicky Dhawan s/o Vijay Dhawan, Raj Kumar @ Ranjan Verma,  Ram Gopal and  Jitender Singh involved in cheating innocent persons in the name of insurance plans and insurance benefits.

Mr. S.D. Misra,  IPS, Dy.Commissionerof Police, Rohini District, Delhi said on  26.07.19, a senior citizen and a retired Manager from a Nationalised  Bank r/o Rohini,Delhi age 63 yrs filed a complaint regarding cheating in the name of insurance benefits and investment plan.  He reported that accused persons had cheated him of more than Rs 20 lacs  by inducing him to invest in various insurance plans through tele-calling.  Believing the tele callers to be genuine representatives from various reputed insurance companies, the complainant on various occasions between 20.04.18 to 21.05.19 deposited different sums of money in various accounts provided by tele-callers.  Later in May 2019, when complainant insisted for refunds the tele-callers avoided him and demanded more investments.  Realizing that he has been trapped by some gang of cheats, the complainant lodged a written complaint with DCP/Rohini.



 Seeing the gravity of the complaint, it was marked to Special Staff Rohini Districtfor further necessary action. Accordingly a case FIR No. 279/19 u/s 419,420,465,467,468,471,120B,34 IPC PS- KNK Marg, Delhi was registered and investigations taken up

A team comprising of SI Dinesh Dahiya, ASI Begraj, ASI Rajkumar,ASI Gulab, HC Praveen, Ct Mahesh, Ct Ravinder, Ct Praveen, HC Mandeep, Ct Arun wasconstituted to work on this case under the supervision of Inspector Ishwar Singh.

The team started the analysis of the account statements of alleged bank accounts where the money was transferred and also simultaneously started the technical analysis of allegedphone calls. During investigation 14 accounts were identified in various banks and branches where the cheated money of complainant was transferred andwithdrawn in cash.  All these accounts were being used to receive money through online transfer from various victims across the country, with the money being withdrawn from these accounts through self cheques and ATMs.  The analysis revealed money transfers of over Rs 13 crores in these fake accounts from about 225 customers or victims across the country.  

The detailed analysisof the tele- calling mobile numbers, bank registered mobile numbers and othermobile numbers identified during investigation lead to the arrest of   one Prabhat Kumar. He was nabbed while he was actually withdrawing money from one of the fake bank account.  The detailed interrogation of accused Prabhat lead to the unravelling of the entire modusoperandi of the gang as well as their whereabouts.  Subsequently, ten other accused persons werearrested in this case by the police team. 

INTERROGATION& MODUS OPERANDI: The interrogation ofthe accused persons revealed that an organizedcyber crime syndicate was operating at the national level and had succeededin duping 225 victims of about Rs 13 crores over the past 2 years. The accused persons had different rolesin this fraud. The fraud was ‘initiated’by opening a bank account/s on the basis of fake/forged name and address.  Once the fake bank account/s got activated, the details of these account/s were providedto the ‘owners’ that is the other associates who ran the call centers.  It was the responsibility of these callcenter owners’ to make calls through their staff to various victim/s andconvince them to make investments in their fake investment plans.  When the victim/s transferred money intothese fake bank accounts, the call center owner/s passed on the message to thepersons who had initially provided the fake bank accounts.  .   


The fake Bank Accounts were opened in 6 different cities and across 4 states.The bank account provider subsequently withdrew the money from the said bank accounts by using debit cards and self cheques. The cheated money was distributed at every stage i.e between the account holders (10%), account providers (10%), call center owners (80%) as well as the tele calling boys


Jitender @ Babu R/o Parvartiya Colony,  Faridabad HR, Age-28 yrs (Call Center Owner) He is also involved in cheating. A case was registered in PS Surajkund, Faridabad.  He is a callcenter owner, who was running a call center along with his accomplice- Robin Mathew at Grand Mall MG Road Gurgaon in the name of his brother.  He is 12th class pass.  In 2012, he picked up a job in a call center pertaining to insurance sale.  He learned the skill of calling customers  for insurance policies and also learn how to tackle them. Thereafter he decided to run his own call center with the co-accused Robin Mathew whom he had met in his first job. In 2016 he opened his own call center in Faridabad and later shifted it to MG Road Gurgaon in Grand Mall.  He hired tele calling boys and initiated the whom scam. He used to take forged accounts from the co-accused Vikky Dhawan. After getting the money transferred into the fake accounts hecommunicated the UTR No. to the account provider i.e Vikky Dhawan. Vikky Dhawan gives him 80% share of cheat amount. 20% share was distributed among account holder and account  providers.   

Robin Mathew R/o Distt.- Allapply, Kerala, Age-29 Yrs (Call Center Owner). A case in PS Surajkund, also pending against him. He came to Delhi in 2009 in search of a job.  He is 9thclass pass.  He started doing a job in a call center pertaining to insurance sale.  He learnedthe skill and also became close friends with co-accused Jitender @ Babu.  In 2016 both of them started their own callcenter at Grand Mall MG Road Gurgaon. While Jitender over saw the official  responsibilities, Robin Mathew was handling outside liason like arranging SIMcards and dealing with account providers etc. The SIMs were provided to him by Vikky Dhawan and one Manish who wasalso their employee.   

Ranjan Garg R/o Jawhar Colony, Faridabad HR, age-31 Yrs  (Tele-Calling Boy), Vishal R/o Distt- Kangda, Himachal Pradesh, Age- 24 Yrs(Tele-Calling Boy, Dalip Singh R/o Distt.- Poudi, Uttarkhand, Age-28 Yrs (Tele-Calling Boy), Vikky Dhawan R/o Jawhar Colony, Faridabad HR, Age-29 Yrs  (Forged Accounts Provider), He was earlier involved in cheating cases registered with  PS- Surajpur, Gautam Budh Nagar (UP),  PS- Surajkund, Faridabad, Delhi, and PS- Marirlaravan, Sri Ganganagar in Rajasthan. He is 12thclass pass and started doing jobs in call centers related to insurance sale. In a quest to become rich in ashort time, he joined up with Jitender and Robin in duping people. He obtained the documents of poor and marginalized persons against a small commission and got bank accounts opened in their names. He then supplied the bank accounts to the call center owners who trapped the people and got money transferred into the fake accounts. The money was withdrawn through some hired persons and afterretaining 20% share,  80 % of thewithdrawn amount was given to the call center owners.  He used to get the SIM from one of the accomplice who died in June 2019.  

Raj Kumar @ RajanVerma R/o Jawhar Colony, Faridabad HR, Age-31 Yrs(Forged Accounts Provider) also involved in cheating cases registered  PS- Marirlaravan.PS- Surajkund, Faridabad .Rupesh @ Raj Rajput R/o Jawhar Colony, Faridabad HR, Age-28 yrs(Forged Accounts Provider) involved in criminal cases registered with Surajkund, Gandhi Park, Aligarh (UP), Janakpuri, Delhi Police Stations, Jitender Singh R/o Sanjay Colony, Faridabad HR, Age-29 Yrs(Money Withdrawer, Prabhat Singh  R/o  Jawhar Colony, Faridabad HR, Age-31 yrs(Money Withdrawer), Ram Gopal Soni R/o Jawhar Colony Faridabad Age- 33 Yrs,  (Forged Account Holder).

RECOVERY:   8 No.Mobile phones.,  4 Cheque books.,  5 ATM Cards.,  Documentsof Fake Bank Accounts.,

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