September 20, 2019 08:57 PM

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A team of Northern Range, Special Cellled by Inspr. Puran Pant under the supervision of Shri Nishant Gupta, ACP hasbusted an interstate drug cartel by arresting two key members of the notorious interstatedrug cartel namely (1) Baijlur Rehman (Aged-28 yrs ) r/o  Baishana Banger, Malda, WB, and (2) MohammadAbu Bakkar Siddique (Age 24 yrs ) r/o Kalichowk, Malda, WB.  10.5 kgs of high-grade heroin worth morethan Rs. 40 crores in the International market has been recovered from them.

Besides,t wo mobile handsets, SIM cards used in the drug trafficking activities & oneTruck Ashok Leyland, Reg No- WB57B-5250, 12 tyres used for concealing thecontraband while transportation have also been recovered. The trial of consignment of Heroin of the drug cartel starts from Myanmar to Manipur, then it is routed through Guwahati and Malda to other parts of the country viz UP West, Delh iNCR, MP, Rajasthan & Punjab.  

 The trial of consignment of Heroin of the drug cartel starts from Myanmar to Manipur, then it is routed through Guwahati and Malda to other parts of the country viz UP West, Delh iNCR, MP, Rajasthan & Punjab.  

Special Cell in its continuous crusadeagainst drug suppliers has busted many narcotic drug cartels in the past byarresting several drug suppliers and recovering huge consignments of high-gradeheroin. The sleuths of Special Cell of Northern Range have been focusing on thedrug trade from the infamous “Golden Triangle”, which is centered aroundMyanmar's conflict-ridden north and has export hub for illicit drugs to theworld for decades. The officers had developed information that one kingpin ofthis infamous cartel namely Saidul, of Malda, West Bengal procured contrabanddrugs from Nasir of Manipur and transports the drugs to  Malda, W.B., Delhi, and UP through carriers. Nasir,in turn, is suspected to procure drugs from Myanmar in a clandestine manner.

Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Yadav, Dy. Commissionerof Police, Special Cell;Delhi., said, this  information was further developedby SI Raj Singh & ASI Pawan with the help of other team members throughhuman intelligence & technical analysis. After two-three months ofpainstaking efforts, some of the keys members of this cartel including BaijlurRehman and Mohammad Abu Bakkar Siddique were identified, supplied the drugs toDelhi for further supply to NCR based drug dealers.  

DCP further said, pn September 18, specific information wasreceived that on the directions of Saidul, key members of this cartel namely BaijlurRehman and Mohammad Abu Bakkar Siddique (both r/o Malda, W.B.) would come to MajnuTila, Outer Ring Road, Delhi in a truck to supply huge consignment of heroin tocontacts of  Delhi. Accordingly, araiding party was constituted and sharp vigil was maintained at the spot.

At about 03.15 PM a truck bearing Registration No- WB-57B-5250 spottedcoming from the ISBT side on Ring Road and stopped near Nirmal Hirday, Majnu Tila, Outer Ring Road, Delhi. One person having a travel bag on his handalighted from the driver side of the said truck, he was identified as BaijlurRehman. Whereas, another person alighted from the conductor side with abackpack on his shoulders and stood close to Baijlur Rehman, he was identifiedas Mohammad Abu Bakkar Siddique. Both waited there for about 15 minutes and thenthey proceeded back towards the said truck, both were apprehended.

The travelbag of Baijlur Rehman was checked and one packet/parcel of fine quality contrabandheroin weighing 5 Kg was recovered. Further, from the backpack of Abu Bakkarone packet/parcel of fine quality contraband heroin weighing 5.5 Kg wasrecovered. In total, 10.5 Kg of fine quality heroin was recovered. A case videFIR No-160/2019 dated 18.09.2019 u/s 21/29 NDPS Act was registered at PSSpecial Cell. 

The spot interrogation of Baijur Rehmanand Mohammad Abu Bakkar Siddique confirmed that the recovered heroin was handedover to them by one Saidul of Malda (W.B.) at Guwahati and the same was to bedelivered to their contact in Delhi. Further, police custody remand of both theaccused persons has been obtained to make efforts to apprehend the kingpin Saiduland his source of supply at Guwahati. 

DCP said, Baijlur Rehman is a school drop out. He is a driverby profession. He is known to one Saidul of Malda, West Bengal for last 5-6 months whom he met at Jalalpur Truck stand, Malda. He used to ply truck fromMalda to Guwahati. He was allured by Saidul to receive a packet of Heroinpowder from Guwahati and to deliver the same to him at Malda or to his contactin Delhi NCR or UP. Saidul himself used to deliver the packet of Heroin to himat Guwahati and after delivery of Heroin to him at Guwahati, one other personnamely Abu Bakkar used to accompany him.

Mohammad Abu Bakkar Siddique is a Seniorsecondary pass. Previously, he used to purchase kids readymade garments from Bhagwanpura,Muzafarpur, Bihar and sale the same in Sevar Distt., Bihar as a vendor. Around5-6 months back, he came in contact with Saidul in Muzzafarpur. He was alluredby Saidul to receive packets of Heroin powder from Guwahati and deliver thesame to him at Malda or to his contacts in Delhi NCR or UP.  Further investigation is in progress.  

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