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Senior leader of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Leader of Opposition (LoP), Harpal Singh Cheema, has strongly opposed the Punjab State Commission for Scheduled Castes (Amendment) Bill-2019, saying that the proposed amendment was an attempt to lure the bureaucracy to leverage it to have decisions made as per their own whims and fancies.

  Harpal Singh Cheema alleged that the age limit for retirement of the Chairman / Chairperson or Member of the SC Commission was being repeatedly enhanced, which was a gross violation of the Constitution, adding that when the retirement age of employees across the country was not 72 years, why should it be introduced in Punjab?

Speaking on the issue, MLA Kultar Singh Sandhwan said “Are we above the constitution? As and when the legislature seeks an advisory, it looks up to the judiciary”. He questioned that if the judiciary could not decide its own cases due to age bar, why was that the state government going overboard on raising the age limit to 72 years? 

RESTORE PUNJABI LANGUAGE ITS DUE STATUS IN PUNJAB AND CHANDIGARH, AAP FOR SETTING UP OF STATE LANGUAGE COMMISSION IN THE STATE: During the special session of Punjab Vidhan Sabha, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) rooted for the restoration of due status to Punjabi language, mother tongue of for the people of Punjab.

During the session, when Kotkapura MLA Kultar Singh Sandhwan demanded to bring a joint motion on the issue on the floor of the House, it was out rightly rejected by the ruling party and the speaker.

 Interacting with the media, Sandhwan said that the intentions of the ruling Congress Party and the speaker towards the issue of Punjabi language were not in its favour, saying that he wanted to bring in the motion, but neither the speaker nor the ruling party allowed us to move it nor it (The ruling Congress party) moved it.

He said government should do its bit to accord due honour to Punjabi, the mother tongue of the people of Punjab and restore its status by issuing orders making it compulsory to write names on top of all government and non-governmental boards in the state and the capital of Chandigarh in Punjabi language.

Similarly, sincere efforts should be made by the state government to broach the issue with the union government for the restoration of due status to Punjabi language in Chandigarh, which was conceptualized and raised by uprooting dozens of Punjabi-speaking villages. To achieve this mission, the government should have the Punjabi Language Act 2008 implemented decisively, in letter and in spirit.

The Department of Languages, Punjab, should be immediately provided with special funds and other infrastructure with intent to restore its lost glory in the state. The AAP leader demanded that Punjab State Language Commission be constituted in the state to address all issues and concerns associated with the mother tongue of people of Punjab.

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