November 14, 2019 08:14 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

To flay the Narinder Modi led NDA government on its anti people policies, the Congress party will hold dharna (sit-in) at all district headquarters in Punjab on Friday.

PPCC president Sunil Jakhar said that the aim was to bring awareness among the people about socio-economic problems created by the present BJP led government.

  He said that the country was reeling under an unprecedented economic slowdown; unemployment increasing steadily, people fast losing jobs. The currently unemployment rate in the country had crossed 8.1 percent, highest in the last 45 years while every sector was facing a recession. Business and service sector growth was declining each day and industries were shutting down.

Jakhar said that agriculture sector was under heavy debt and farmers were not getting remunerative price for their crops. Banking system had collapsed while wealthy people were taking out money from banks and flying abroad. But in such a critical situation, the central government had no policy which could bail out the country from the recession, he added.

He said that the Modi government was taking wrong decisions one after another which adversely affects the people. The prices of essential commodities were rising day by day while employment opportunities are declining. Unfortunately Modi government was doing nothing to improve the situation. That is why the Congress party had launched a program from November 1 to raise awareness against the wrong policies of the central government. The program was planned to run till November 15 but it has now been extended to November 25 so that more people can be informed about the wrong doings of the BJP government.

Mr Jakhar said that on November 15, in all the districts, the party will hold a protest against the Modi government. The Congress party will not sit quietly and will continue to fulfill its responsibility by pressuring the Central government to shun taking such anti-people decisions.

He appealed to all party cadres to join at district level protests on November 15 to prevent the Modi government from worsening the situation. He himself will participate at dharna in Ludhiana.

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