January 28, 2020 06:40 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

The Forest & Wildlife Surveillance and Monitoring System will be adopted for the protection of the forests and wildlife of Punjab. Under this unique system, thermal imaging cameras, trap cameras and drones will be used to protect the forest cover and wildlife of the state.

• Senior Officials of Forest Department to visit Rajasthan to study the system

After high level meeting with the officers of the department and seeing a power presentation here today, Punjab Forest Minister Mr. Sadhu Singh Dharmsot disclosed that a special plan was being designed to monitor the forest cover and wildlife of the state. He said that the Punjab government was also conducting a survey to adopt the Forest and Wildlife Surveillance and Monitoring System on the lines of the Rajasthan government and a team of senior forest officials will visit the different parts of Rajasthan soon. He said that the plan would be implemented with the findings of the report of this team.

The Minister informed that the unique system will effectively and efficiently prevent theft of valuable trees from the forest areas. He said that this system would also prevent the poaching of animals and protect the forest from fire incidents also. He said that after adoption of this new system, the department would also be able to demarcation the illegal occupied areas of Forests and to monitor new plantations and vegetations at vacant places of the department.

“The new system would be implemented under a central control system and would send all reports on specified dedicated portal” The new technology will help to control the forest fire incidents, prevent theft of valuable trees, grow plants and protect animals, Mr. Dharmsot added. He said that while this system would enhance the efficiency of the department, it would also be helpful in preventing illegal activities and taking immediate action.

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