March 27, 2020 07:30 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

Chairperson, Department Computer Science and Applications, Panjab University, Chandigarh, Jasleen Kaur Bains, informed that the following measures have been taken for online teaching:

*Communicating with all the students via common email id of the various classes. The common email id's have been communicated by Chairperson to all the faculty members. We are sending e-material in form of notes, presentations, program codes with step by step instructions to run them, video links(YouTube) and ebooks.

We are also giving them e-assignments after completion of topics which they will be submitting.

For attending to queries related to material. Students have been encouraged to either email the queries or watsapp the same on faculty number/email id. In addition to this a common watsapp group for classes have been formed with teachers as members of the group for prompt communication.



Prof Savita Gupta, Director,UIET informed that the faculty members of UIET nowadays are using online methods for teaching. Online platforms like Zoom, Cisco WebEx, google classroom are used by some faculty members to schedule and conduct interactive classes. Some faculty members are helping the students by providing custom designed course content or content through MOOCs on Swayam, NPTEL and Coursera portals. 

The doubts and queries of the students are addressed through emails and whatsapp groups. Further all the coordinators have been requested to prepare a comprehensive plan for the engagement of the students through online teaching-learning mode and explore the possibility to conduct tests and quizzes online. The overall response of the students to teaching and learning through online technologies has been found to be encouraging,she added. 

*Some faculty members having their personal webpages have uploaded the e-material on the same for availability to all students.

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