April 03, 2020 07:08 PM

New Delhi (Face2News)

Government efforts are being made at every level in the measures to prevent this pandemic. Today, the entire country is under lockdown to prevent the epidemic from spreading. In that case, an app called CallDoc a 24x7 initiative has emerged as an innovative solution to prevent corona virus.

As Indians are increasingly becoming worried about their health amid the coronavirus outbreak. they can make use of CallDoc app, a digital healthcare platform, which is providing free doctor consultancy to the entire nation during this period of lockdown. This mobile app has been launched by OnCall Medicare Pvt Ltd.

 On this occasion Oncall Medicare Pvt Ltd.’s founder and CEO said that “Healthcare is mankind’s most essential resource and we must together foster it. These are the times of action and the time to make it evident on the world stage that our nation can be the bearer of new age innovations for the efficient blooming of mankind. As such, we have decided to offer free doctor consultancy services to the people through CallDoc and support the nation in its fight against the pandemic,” The app will help maintain that people do not rush unnecessarily to overburdened clinics or hospitals, while also help reducing their chances of coming in contact with coronavirus patients. We believe this effort towards strengthening of our health services is for the collective advancement of our society.

This App enables real-time access to the doctors, at time and place of patient’s convenience, and is useful for new consultancies, follow-ups and other opinions. The users can access the app available on both -Google Play Store and Apple Store to connect to the listed doctors and specialists, ranging from Cardio, Gynae to Ayurvedic and Homeopathic, through Video/Audio/Chat and get the consultation ‘Anytime, Anywhere’.

Also, the doctors belonging to Oncall fraternity and otherwise, willing to be a part of this novel initiative can self-register for free after downloading the app and be visible to consultancy seekers from their home itself. “Through this app, over 300 doctors will ensure your health queries are answered instantly.

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