June 05, 2020 08:30 PM

 Abohar (Face2News)

In a crackdown on pandemic related violations, Abohar SDM Jaspal Singh  Brar himself led a team to issue challan and collect Rs 500 as fine from each person under the revised rules from violators.

The SDM had yesterday visited Nehru Park and warned people on assembling there as neither the Ministry of Home Affairs in the center nor the state government had lifted ban from gatherings in public places. But when it surfaced today that hundreds of people had ignored the warning and thronged Nehru Park, SDM Brar himself led a team of
officials to the park and found that most of the people were not maintaining social distance and some were not wearing mandatory masks even.

Noticing officials escorted by cops entering the park, many managed to flee through multiple exit points. Women and children were counseled on health advisories and warned against violations, dozens of others were fined Rs 500 each and issued challan.

The team later intercepted violators near Aggarsein Chowk and Lajpat Rai Park, even some scooterist women were found not wearing masks, most of them were issued challan, some expressed regrets and were let off. The SDM said similar action will be taken against morning walkers in  other parks, stadiums and public places. Cars with more than three occupants will have to pay Rs 2000 as fine.  

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