June 29, 2020 08:01 PM
A statue of Acharya Charak has been installed in the Ayurvedic College near Abohar.

Abohar (Face2News)

To remember Acharya Charak’s contributions to the fields of physiology, etiology and embryology, his statue has been installed in the College of Ayurvedic Science and Hospital on Sriganganagar-Hanumangarh Road.

Tantia University chairperson Sunita Tantia unveiled the statue at a brief but impressive function. She said that Acharya Charak was one of the principal contributors to Ayurveda, a system of medicine and lifestyle developed in Indian Subcontinent. He was known as the compiler or editor of the medical treatise, the Charak Samhita.

Charak's location is unknown, although various assertions have been made that he lived either in Taxila or in Kapisthal (now known as Jalandhar), located between Iravati (Ravi River) and Chandrabagha (Chenab River) rivers in Panchanada (Punjab).

On the occasion, Dr Praveen Sharma,Director, Research and Principal Dr Om Parkash Sharma said, “We decided to distribute hundreds of packs of Ayurvedic “Kadha” (herbal recipe) a drink made up of multiple spices and herbs to strengthen immune system in fight against Coronavirus. Even in last winter, “Kadha” was served with the help of administration at bus stands and railway stations in the international border belt” to protect people from flu.”
Prof MM Saxena said that installing statue of Acharya Charak is a befitting tribute to the Acharya. 

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