June 30, 2020 08:48 PM

 Abohar (Face2News)

It is said that the doctor is not God, but not less than God, but with the efforts of doctors, sometime such miracles surface which none can even think of in their dreams.

One such charisma has been done by Dr. Amandeep, a pediatrician in Abohar.

On June 1, two very low-weight twin girls were brought to him by the parents who were losing hopes. Jyoti wife of Surjit, a resident of village Jandwala Bhimeshah, gave birth to two twin girls in a private hospital in Fazilka on May 28, they weighed 850 grams and 870 grams.

At that time, he showed a lot of children's doctors, but no one could cure them. He took them to Kotkapura, Government College, Faridkot and Muktsar, but the doctors there told the expenses too much.

Which he could not bear, so when he returned the girls back home after losing, some of Surjeet's friends told him about Doctor Amandeep where they were receiving health benefits from June 1 under the supervision of Doctor Amandeep. Within 10-12 days, these girls have started drinking mother's milk.

While these girls were on the support of machines from the beginning. Now the weight of these girls has increased to 1 kg 250 grams in 1 kg 450 grams. Before this, Dr. Amandeep has treated many such children. Those who belong to very poor family also cooperate in many ways and try their best to cure their children.

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