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November 25, 2017 05:57 PM

Mohali (Face2News)

The K-Adventure Track promoted by Krishna Automobiles, Team ISUZU India; is being compiled with guidance of the premiumoff-road consultants: Padam Chauhan and Kabir Waraich, GerrariOffroaders Consultant Teams, OYA panelmembers with round-the year, 24X7, All seasons fabrication and production guidance.

The track aims to be created for an exclusive Adventure Xperience every 30 days coupled with a quarterly major activation for the adventure prospects seeking an out-of-the-world experience with assisted* / owned ADVENTURE VEHICLE or seeking to own one.

The track team will also register clients and certify safe adventure protocols for driving adventure patrons. The track will be maintained and supervised and supervision by the track maintenance committee regularly.

This outdoor all-seasons track will offer assisted adventure experiences.

The necessary track experience will be fully compliant and amply licensed, wherever required, to ensure the user safety.

Assisted tours will be customized from a level 1 which can accommodate a standard 4×2 equivalent high clearance vehicle with prospect under-training adventure driver and assisted module toa level 5 certification; which is for the extreme modified 4×4 vehicle and an experienced driver onthis same track showcasing the Xtreme capabilities of the ISUZU ADVENTURE VEHICLE range.

Detailed Objectives:

The Objective is an All- Season Track with assisted and customised, Off -Road Adventure experience withreliability to make this track, a destination of choice both for experience as well as qualified adventure driving certification.

*To help improve the quality and standard of adventure perception withrevelation of the real capabilities of the ISUZU ADVENTURE VEHICLE range for the adventure skewed
prospects and current customers of and to expand the horizon for anupgrade.

*Showcasing the competence and flexibility to offer ADVENTURE VEHICLE prospects and current customers, the options and alternatives that suit their personal taste.

*To optimise our business in the adventure category and acquisition of fresh
customer database with upgrade.

Track Tagline “K-Adventure Track"

We believe in maximizing everything we must offer – especially the quality and efficiency of our services and the special experimentation while exploring the Xtreme  capabilities of the ISUZU ADVENTURE UTILITY VEHICLES. We wish to be one of the major established trackexperience zone and offer excellent standards that satisfy our potential prospects andcurrent customers. Deriving the name from its promoter, Krishna Automobiles and ISUZU Team along with Gerrari Off-roaders, the track is named as K-Adventure Track. 

Track Experience and Training

*All Tour guides will be registered, and module implementation will be documented.

*Medical first aid level 1 certificates will be implemented initially for safely, will be

expanded to level 3.

*Advanced Xtereme -Drive and 4×4 capabilities exploration / training course will be part
of the module along with certification.

Duration: Ranging from a 30 minutes slot to a 2-hour Xperience, The Adventure Experienceduration can be customised from level 1 which can accommodate a standard 4 x 2high clearance vehicles with an inexperienced driver to level 5 which are for theextreme modified 4 x 4 vehicle along with X-Drive range showcasing exclusivecapabilities of the ADVENTURE VEHICLES range of vehicles. We will also be training experienced driverfor assistance, verbatim and information.



Special showcasing: The All-New ISUZU V-Cross and mu-X Track Experience and Coaching Content

All Xperience on this track will be guided certified by adventure counsel nominated for this track with community ethics, including Safety First principal and environment responsibility.

*The programme will also co-host training events to support good driving habits
apart from adventure experience also have driving stressrelieving lessons, environmental conservation activations and more to add tothe flavour of the activation with variations every month.

*The driver will be imparted training for taking responsibility for their actions and
promoting the safe and responsible usage of four-wheel drive vehicleswhile accepting the responsibility for the group and co-Xperience members as well.

*Safe driving lessons with traffic regulations will also be a part of the module.
*Experiential videos, photographs and tracks memories for visitors, prospects,customers ofADVENTURE VEHICLES Range will also be e-shared post macro launch. 

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