April 01, 2018 06:13 PM


Excited children, accompanied with their parents, on Saturday braved the cold weather and icy winds and thronged the Bunkeer Hill Elementary School, 6620 Shelbyville Rd. Indianapolis to participate in the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday.

 Besides picking up eggs (limited to 10 each), the participants also shook hands with Easter Bunny, embraced him and greeted with clapping palms (high five). Besides, roaming with the children, playing on swings and slides, bunny also posed for photograph (individual, as well as family/friend groups).

The children were divided into different age groups to go for egg hunting. The golden egg was the most sought after item as it fetched the highest prizes, besides candy.

Parents and relatives helped the tiny tots to pick and the eggs and place them in their egg buskets. Most of the kids in their excitement picked up eggs more than the prescribed limit of 10 each. Their parents asked them to place the extra eggs on the ground. It helped those who came late or could not collect any egg.

The authorities also helped the children to enjoy several recreaction games, including mini golf. Indian-Americans also turned up in a sizable number for the Easter Egg hunt.

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