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January 22, 2019 05:09 PM

 Mumbai (Face2News)

?What is the concept of Band Baja Bandh Darwaza?

-Honestly, the concept is just true entertainment and to make people smile, in spite of the show being a horror comedy one. The ghost in our show is, however, a very lovable. 

?Tell us something about your character, Sarita Khurana.

-Sarita is a typical north Indian mother whose life revolves around her husband, children, getting the son married and what to eat – Very clear agendas. 

· What is your idea of a successful marriage?

Being married for so many years now, I feel marriage is pure adjustment where you don’t underline those adjustments. The moment you start underlining them, they become adjustments but when you do them willingly, it becomes a habit after a few years and that is what I would call a successful marriage. 

· How is BBBD different from other horror comedy shows?

The horror comedy shows that I have seen, usually distort the ghost/ chudail. However, in our show, the main difference is that the ghost is extremely adorable, likeable and of course comical. The writing itself is very simple but with a slice of life element, making it relatable for the viewers. 

· What do you like the most about this show?

Honestly, I like the simplicity and the narration. It is not a slapstick comedy and there are no forced comedy dialogues. 

· What are your expectations from the show and what would the audience like?

Every show that we do, we go with the hope that the audience likes it and I hope the same for this show. While we are shooting for Band Baja Bandh Darwaza, we have this smile on our face and nothing feels forced. The cast gels so well and hence I feel it all just translates on screen and reaches the hearts of our audience. 

· Who amongst all the characters on the show, is your favourite?

Nani. She has got the best lines and is the most adorable character on this show. I would even give my right hand to play that role. 

· You have mastered the role of a mother on television. So can we say that you are the favourite mother on television?

I would love to believe that. I am happy if I have mastered the role of a mother because I started playing a mother to grown up kids when I had little-little kids of my own. So, I’m glad and I am still doing that as I feel that you improve with every project. I just hope I’m accepted like this. 

· How has the experience been shooting on the sets of BBBD?

It has been amazing. I think we hit it off from the day we had our first reading. Everybody is in sync with their characters. I feel they have casted very well. 

· Do you believe in ghosts or have had any encounter with a ghost/ spirit?

Yes, I have. I am the kinds who would never believe in something like this but I have had an incident, on a set. This was years back when we were shooting for ‘Bhabhi’ in MBC studio. In that studio, we used to get different makeup rooms according to availability and there was one set of makeup rooms which everyone said was haunted. But me being me, I never believed in something like this. Once, I and 2 other costars had a break of 2 scenes and we were resting in our very tiny makeup rooms. Later, as I was sleeping, my makeup man came and woke me up in order to give a touch up and just then I heard knocking sounds. My instant reaction was to loudly ask my costar, in the room besides mine, why she was knocking but she refused to have knocked. As I and my makeup man came out of the room, the knocking became louder and we could see the door of the locked makeup room vibrating. Seeing the door locked from outside, I assumed someone was locked in and forced the watchmen to open the lock, in spite of them saying that there’s a ghost inside. On opening the door, we found nobody inside and everyone freaked out.

 · If you encountered a ghost like Sanjeev in real life, how would you deal with him?

I would hug him because he is so cute. 

· Any advice you would like to give to people who get spooked easily?

I don’t have any advice except to just run away from there. 

· Are there any similarities between you in real life and your character on the show?

Except the fact that I am a career woman, I think yes there are a lot of similarities. I haven’t kind of cut my umbilical cord from my children yet and I would love to believe that my husband is my third child. Also, I love to feed. So, that way yes, Sarita and Neelu Kohli are pretty similar just that I am a modern Sarita. 

· Do you watch Sony SAB?

Yes, I do. In fact my daughter watches only SAB and doesn’t allow me to watch any other channel because she feels there is no negativity or high drama there. My mother, as well, is very keen on Sony SAB.--

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