November 22, 2016 07:12 PM

Chandigarh  (Face2News)

Agriculture is the backbone of an economy. No country can function effectively and efficiently without a fairly steady agricultural development. The same resonated at this year’s CII Agro Tech 2016 where latest technologies were displayed and launched for the benefit of the farmers.Young farmers sought solace from the mundane Agricultural processes by investing into technological innovations hence paving their way to a lavish lifestyle. Succha Dyal, a farmer from Gurdaspur said, “CII Agro Tech 2016 provides a platform for farmers to pick and choose from a wide array of farm equipment related to soil health, choice of crops to be grown and dairy farm management in the advent of latest technology.” He added, “I am happy to have invested in the National Pneumatic Planter Machine, which will help in yielding my crop productivity.”  Gurpreet Singh, representing National Agro Industries, which launched various new machines at the exposition said, “Considering the extent of seed wastage in India, we have come up with the National Pneumatic Planter Machine that guarantees optimum seed to soil contact which ensures proper germination thereby, saving scarce and costly labor. This will definitely help in enhancing the profit levels of the rural farmers.”Syncing with the thoughts Tripta Devi, daughter of a small potato farmer from Fazlika district of Punjab said, “Till a few years ago, the loss of crop production peaked up to 50%, landing us into the viscous circle of debt trap. But now, the interface of government has helped us rise above the conventional crop cycle and diversify into other profitable crops. We don’t have to suffer from crop ripening and wastage, owing to the farm to fork cold chain. This has really helped us save more and enjoy some luxuries of life which we couldn’t afford earlier.”The agriculture sector has surpassed the conventional techniques of farming, with a prime focus on economic development, diversification and accelerating livelihood opportunities of the rural farmers.Year on year as the technology advances and new farm equipments hit the market, the farmers have witnessed a positive change in their lifestyle and are moving towards a brighter future!

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