February 15, 2017 08:01 PM

Shimla (Face2News) 

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has once again called on the state government to look into the unreasonable freight being charged from the industry by truck unions in the state. CII has also urged that the industry should be allowed to ply their own vehicles freely to ferry goods.In a statement here today, Chairman, CII Himachal Pradesh State Council, Sanjay Khurana, pointed out that the freight charged in certain sectors is as high as 30% to 40% as compared to the normal market rates. Exporters from the state are the worst sufferers, he said. Khurana said the law enforcement agencies must check the strong-arm tactics used by these truck unions against the industry. The truck unions do not let non-union truck operators to lift goods from the state thereby hampering free flow of trade and delay in dispatching material results in losses. Trucks from outside the state are forced to return empty thereby affecting the competitiveness of the industry and leading to huge national wastage, Khurana added.

“The company-owned goods transport vehicles should be allowed to carry goods within or outside without any restrictions. Business establishments wanting to use their own fleet of vehicles should be encouraged to do so. Any curbs on the freedom of entrepreneurs to choose what is good for their business is not in tune with the basic principles of a free market economy and bound to have an adverse impact on the state’s economy. The monopolistic trade practices of the truck unions are discouraging fresh investments in Himachal Pradesh and also bringing down state’s score in Ease of Doing business rankings,” added Mr Khurana. CII is committed to economic growth and development of the local populace, said Mr Khurana.

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