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Haryana Finance Minister, Capt. Abhimanyu, thanked the members of the House for unanimously passing the PEPSU Tenancy and Agricultural Lands (Haryana Amendment) Bill, 2017, the Punjab Land Revenue (Haryana Amendment) Bill, 2017 and the Punjab Security of Land Tenures (Haryana Amendment) Bill, 2017 on the fifth day of Budget Session of Vidhan Sabha here today.The Minister informed the House that compensation for loss  due to crop damage caused by natural calamities would now be given directly to the tenant (actual crop grower). The amount of compensation would be given to them in a legal manner and tenants would also be able to take crop loan from bank. The tenant and land-owner would have to file an affidavit and the land-owner would not have to fear that the tenant might usurp his land.He said that the passage of the Punjab Land Revenue (Haryana Amendment) Bill, 2017 would reduce litigations involved in the disposal of revenue cases regarding demarcation, Khasra Girdawari, mutation and partition. Litigants would not have to repeatedly visit the offices of Sub Divisional Officer (Civil), Deputy Commissioner, Divisional Commissioner and Additional Chief Secretary, Revenue Department, and would provide only one appeal against the mode of partition.

He said that the Bills would have larger ramifications in the interest of farmers’ community including land owners and tenants. As regards amendments in the Punjab Land Revenue Act 1887, the same will cut short delays and repeated litigation in Khasra Girdawari, mutations, partition and demarcation revenue cases. Consequently, amendments would be made in Sections 13, 16, 20, 111, 113 and 118; besides inserting section 115-A in the Punjab Land Revenue Act 1887.The amendment in Section 13 of the Act would minimize delay and avoid continuous litigation so as to restrict remand only by the First Appellate Authority and also insertion of provision of no appeal against the interim order. The power of revision, presently being exercised both by Divisional Commissioner and Financial Commissioner is being restricted to Divisional Commissioner only by amending section 16 of the said Act.

The scope of service of summons is being made transparent by making provision of electronic mail services, courier service, fax message by amending Section 20 of the said Act, in case a person resides outside the State or in prison or person living in foreign country. The scope of section 111 and 113 has been amended to facilitate submission of plan of partition so as to cut short delay and repeated litigation. A new provision of Section 115-A has been added to facilitate mutual partition of giving it a legal backing. Further, Section 118 of the said Act has been amended by restricting the appeal against mode of partition up to first appellate authority only and more particularly appellate authority will have to decide the matter and will not be able to remand the matter in any way.

As regards amendment in the Punjab Security of Land Tenures Act, the same will ensure lease of agricultural land to the private sector on long term basis, in such a way that the farmers/landowners are not alienated from their ownership rights. The proposed amendment in ‘The Punjab Security of Land Tenures Act, 1953’ will enable the private sector to set up model agricultural farms, invest in farm equipment, bring new farming technology, green/poly houses. Existing land leasing laws have forced tenancy to be informal, and insecure resulting in lack of access of institutional credit, insurance and other support services for the tenants. Therefore, for balancing the relationship between land owners and tenants and to promote agricultural efficiency, besides minimizing absentee land owners. Right of pre-emption and purchase as provided in Section 17 and 18 will not be available after the expiry of the lease period as per the registered agreement. Similarly, a company registered under the Companies Act, 2013 will not be entitled to purchase land from land owner under Section 18.

As regards amendments in the PEPSU Tenancy and Agricultural Lands Act, 1955, applicable in districts Mahendragarh, Dadri and Jind in the state, broadly the amendments have been carried out in conformity with the amendments carried out in ‘The Punjab Security of Land Tenures Act, 1953’ applicable in the rest of Haryana excluding districts Mahendragarh, Dadri and Jind. Amendments in Sections 7 and 22 of the Act of 1955 are similar to amendments in Section 9 and 18 of the Act of 1953. Under Section 7 (1) of the PEPSU Tenancy and Agricultural Lands Act, 1955, land owner has been given rights to eject his tenant from the land under his tenancy, but he could exercise his rights in some special circumstances, particularly when a tenant ignores the rights of land owner mentioned in the said Section. Even if a tenant does not ignore any right of land owner, still the land owner faces difficulties in vacating his land as the tenant cannot be ejected from the land unless he is accommodated on alternative surplus area or on some other land by the State Government and consequently these sections have encouraged informal tenancy and to remove the said gap and to legalize the tenancy of land, amendments have been carried out in Section 7 of the Act of 1955 in the larger farmers interest.

By inserting Section 15-A, the benefit of purchase of dwelling unit available in the area under cultivation will not be available in case of registered agreement, after its expiry and will be available to tenants only. Similarly, confusion in the case of devolution to tenancy of death of tenant will be available to lineal descendants or on the widow and excluding khana damad (Ghar Jamai) by simplifying the said provision by amending Section 18 of the Act of 1955, as earlier provision, being discriminatory against the women vis-à-vis their male counterparts and thus women and their male counterparts will have equal rights by amending Section 18 as well as Section 30 of this Act of 1955. Also, in the definition of the tenant, a proviso has been inserted so that the same is not applicable in case of registered agreement after its expiry between the land owner and the lessee by amending Section 20 of the said Act.

Both the Acts of 1953 and 1955 are agrarian reforms Acts emphasizing on security of tenures to tenants by reducing their liability to ejectment, fixing maximum rent payable by tenant, conferring right on tenants to pre-empt and purchase their tenancy’s land in certain cases. There is no denying the fact that with the amendments enunciated above in all the three Acts, there will be complete harmonization between land owners and tenants/cultivators, minimizing of litigation and early disposal in revenue cases that is partition, khasra girdawari, mutation and partition. Further the amendments in the Acts of 1953 and 1955 will bring an era of cordial relations. 

GURUGRAM  METRO ROUTES NOT CHANGED:Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal said that Gurugram metro route number 1,4,5 and 6 fall in  Development Plan – 2031 of Gurugram Manesar Urban Complex and the State Government has not made any change in the route Mr Manohar Lal was replying to the discussion on Governor’s Address during the ongoing Budget Session of Haryana Vidhan Sabha here today. He said that only a little expansion has been made in the eastern portion of sector 56 adjoining APR and Golf Course for linking the proposed metro route. This expansion has been necessitated as the metro route adjoining the golf course was culminating on the eastern end of sector 55 and 56. Therefore, this expansion has been made to connect this SPR with Rapid Metro which is under construction. No change has been made in other routes, he added.He said that there is proposal to implement Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) project which would pass from Gurugram to Manesar and Manesar to Bawal. He said that there is a plant to set up a Global City on Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation’s land. There would be a footfall of about one lakh persons every day in this city. A minor change had been proposed in the route to connect MRTS project with the city so as to reduce the road traffic and facilitate the people. Transit Oriented Development (TOD) policy has also been implemented for this purpose.  To become a part of this policy, one has to pay Rs24 crore per acre in commercial area and Rs11 crore per acre in residential area. Such schemes were being prepared to settle maximum people near metro. This scheme is under consideration, he added. 

CM URGES POLITICAL PARTIES TO REFRAIN FROM POLITICIZING ISSUE OF SYL: Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal today urged the political parties to refrain from politicizing   the issue of  Sutlej Yamuna Link (SYL) Canal. The State is near to achieve its goal, the political parties are competing with each other to take credit for the same, he added. Mr Manohar Lal was replying to the Governor’s Address during the ongoing Budget Session of Haryana Vidhan Sabha here today.The Chief Minister described the SYL canal as the lifeline of the State and said that the non completion of this Canal was adversely affecting not only Haryana, but also the entire country.  He  said that in the 27th meeting of Northern Zonal Council held on April 25, 2015, he had urged the Central  Government to mention the matter of Presidential Reference before  Supreme Court for an early decision in the matter. He said that finally hearing on Presidential Reference resumed on February 29, 2016, after more than 11 years and concluded on May 12, 2016. The judgement in the matter was delivered on November 10, 2016 wherein the Apex Court decided all the points referred to it in the Presidential Reference in 2004, in favour of Haryana. He said that Haryana is not able to bring its share of 1.88 MAF water that is 18.8 lakh acre feet, which effectively means that about 2600 cusecs of Haryana’s share is being utilized by Punjab and Rajasthan throughout the year. This water, if supplied to Haryana, would irrigate 10.8 lakh acres at the rate of 2.4 cusecs per 1000 acres. Water table in Southern Haryana is declining sharply due to non availability of this water, he added.The Chief Minister said that as a result of the State not getting its legitimate share of water, the farmers   were suffering loss to the tune of Rs hundred of crores annually which is matter of concern. He said that though the Supreme Court has announced its decision in favour of Haryana but the State is yet to get the water through SYL. He said that  the next hearing on the SYL issue would be held on March 28 or 29, 2017 and it is hoped that Haryana would definitely get the additional water of Ravi-Bias through SYL canal. This would also help the dark zone districts and Southern Haryana, he added. He said that Hansi-Butana canal has been constructed to ensure water in the parched areas of Southern Haryana, but as a result of petition filed by the Punjab in Supreme Court against this project; this could not be made operational. Efforts were being made to get this canal operational at the earliest, he added.

He said that he has requested Union Minister for Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation Ms Uma Bharti through a written communication dated January 6, 2017 for the early completion of dams being constructed on Upper Yamuna and its tributaries. He said that these projects had been lying pending for the last about 30 years. The Central government had released Rs 446.96 crore to Himachal Pradesh government on October 3, 2016 for land acquisition for Renuka Dam projects. For construction of this dam, the amended estimates of Rs 5242.89 crore have been submitted to Central Water Commission for technical and economic assessment. Similarly, Central Government has sanctioned funds for  Lakhwar Multipurpose project to Uttrakhand government on April 19, 2016. The tenders have been invited for construction of this project and these would be opened on March 18, 2017. This matter is pending in the National Green Tribunal and it has been urged to accord approval for start of work on this project after complete inspection of environmental and social impacts. He said that Kishau Corporation is complying on some remarks raised by Union Ministry of Water Resources regarding detailed project report of Kishau project.The Chief Minister said that government is going to adopt mirco irrigation system with new technique. Under this, emphasis is being laid on construction of pipe based waterways instead on open waterways. This would not only save the precious water but would also get rid of repeatedly break downs. Under a pilot project, construction work at a cost of Rs 25 crore in 13 districts is in process and it would be completed by the end of December 2017. After its success, this scheme would be implemented in every block, he added.  

PROCESS TO FILL UP 5000 POSTS OF CONSTABLES IN THE POLICE DEPARTMENT WOULD SOON   BE COMPLETED" :Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal said that the process to fill up 5000 posts of constables in the police department would soon   be completed. Apart from this, process for the recruitment of 5432 constables and 380 Sub-Inspectors is in progress which will be completed in the next financial year.He said that with a view to ensure transparency in the recruitment in the Police Department, Transparent Recruitment Process has been implemented. As a result of recruitment of women police personnel in the State Police force, their strength has increased from six per cent to eight per cent. He said that 1,581 new posts of women police personnel have been created and soon their strength would increase to about 10 per cent. Apart from this, Mahila Police Volunteer Scheme has been implemented in Karnal and Mahendergarh districts. These Mahila Police Volunteers would work as a bridge between the people and the police.    The Chief Minister said that  the law and order situation is under control in the State. He said that though there has been considerable decline in the number of cases of crime  as compared to previous years; yet efforts were being made to further reduce the crime rate so as to improve the satisfaction level of the people. While quoting the comparative statistics to support his claim, he said that as compared to last year, 25 less cases of dacoity were reported this year. Similarly, incidents of loot were 202 less during the same period. Apart from this, 120 less incidents of injury to others   during quarrel and 88 less cases of eve  teasing were registered. He said that 233 less cases of dowry harassment were registered this year.He said that the Haryana Police has been successful in resolving maximum number of criminal cases of serious nature. He said that success has been achieved in solving 84 per cent cases of murder, 93 per cases of rape, 97 per cent cases of dowry death, 89 per cent of dowry harassment, 92 per cent cases of eve teasing, 85 per cent cases of kidnapping of girls, 75 per cent cases of dacoity and 74 per cent cases of kidnapping.He said that with a view to ensure that the people do not face any difficulty in registration of their complaint at the Police Station, a free registration desk has been set up in front of every police station in the State. Apart from this, Community Liaison Group has been established at district level to redress  personal disputes through mediation.The Chief Minister said that Police Assistance Centres were being set up after a distance of every 20 kilometers on all  National Highways passing through the State. To increase the security of Kundli-Manesar-Palwal Expressway, police post were being set up at a distance of every 10 kilometers. Also, Traffic Police Station was being set up in every district. He said that with a view to enable the people to register their complaints online, HarSamay portal has been started. Out of the 1, 09,336 complaints so far registered on this portal, 98 per cent of these have been disposed off. Apart from this, a provision of separate NRI Cell has been made on this Portal  for the prompt redressal of complaints of NRIs hailing from Haryana. He said that the State Government has taken various initiatives for the welfare of police personnel in the State. As many as 3600 new houses were being constructed for the police personnel. Apart from this, they have been provided the  facility of weekly off. Haryana is the first state in the country to implement this scheme.  He said that the proposal of Centralized Seniority for the employees of the Police Department is in the final stage of approval. Also,   Rs four crore have been released for Police Welfare Fund under the Matching Grant Scheme. He said that five new Police Public Schools would be set up in next financial year adding that  14 such schools had already been established in the State.

CHIEF MINISTER'S GOPOD GOVERNANCE ASSOCIATIONS WILL BE REVIEWED: Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal today said that the Chief Minister’s Good Governance Associates are neither a part of a Government programme nor they have any interference in the functioning of the government. Their main job is to assist him in ensuring good governance.He said that they have been appointed for a year and thereafter, it would be reviewed whether to continue them or notThe Chief Minister said that they had formulated a scheme to check the menace of stray animals and Fatehabad has become the first such district to be declared as free from stray animals.   He said that of the total Good Governance Associates recruited on the basis of their qualifications and intellect, eight of them hail from Haryana. While continuing his reply, which was repeatedly interrupted by members of the Opposition, the Chief Minister said that there were many people who rendered selfless service to the society. He said that he too had rendered selfless service, without any monetary gain for 34 years.

200 HUNDRED ARRESTED UNDER PCPNDT ACT TO IMPROVE SEX RATIO:  Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal said that sex ratio in the state has improved under the Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao campaign and has crossed the 900-mark. As many as 200 persons have been arrested in 300 cases under the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994 to put a check on female foeticide.The Chief Minister, who was replying to discussion on Governor’s Address on the fifth day of Budget Session of Vidhan Sabha here today, said that a national seminar was organised on January 20 and 21, 2015, before the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi launched the ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ programme from Panipat on January 22, 2015. Woman Chief Ministers, Secretaries of Women and Child Development Departments of various states, experts of Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao, educationists and media persons participated in the seminar, for which the Central Government had allocated budget of Rs two crore. He said that with a view to publicise the programme on a grand scale, laptop bags and mugs were purchased at a cost of Rs 21.40 lakh. It was not mentioned in the CAG report that the purchase was wrong. The CAG had merely mentioned that funds were devoluted for purchase of these materials. The programme was prepared by the Central Government and the Haryana Government was only a medium for its implementation. He said that sex ratio at birth in Haryana started showing improvement from July, 2015 onwards. While sex ratio was about 800 girls per 1,000 boys in 2015, it increased to 900 in 2016. The target of 950 girls per 1,000 boys as considered satisfactory by international public health experts would soon be achieved. Haryana was conferred with the Nari Shakti Puraskar by the Union Women and Child Development Ministry on March 8, 2016 for improvement in sex ratio, he added.

PRIDE FOR THE STATE THAT ADI BADRI IN HARYANA HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED AS THE POINT OF ORIGIN OF THE NOW DEFUNCT SARASWATI RIVER: Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal, said that it was a matter of pride for the State that Adi Badri in Haryana has been identified as the point of origin of the now defunct Saraswati River.The Chief Minister, who was replying to discussion on Governor’s Address on the fifth day of Budget Session of Vidhan Sabha here today, said that 350 articles have so far been written about Saraswati River. US Agency NASA has found evidence of the course of the ancient river in Haryana through satellite images, and the river is flowing underground.He said that some part of Ghaggar River has been identified as being a part of Saraswati River. The river is said to flow from Adi Badri to Bilaspur and Kurukshetra, and an ancient bridge over this river still exists in Kurukshetra. It is believed that the Saraswati River dates back to Vedic period, and used to flow along the oldest civilization of the world Rakhigarhi, he added. While referring to ‘Hindutva’, he said that if they talk about conservation of cows, that is linked with ‘Hindutva’. If they talk about Saraswati river, that is also linked with ‘Hindutva’. If they talk about moral education to infuse among the children, patriotism and moral values that is termed as saffronisation of education.  

SEX RATION IMPROVED 29 POINTS: Haryana Health Minister, Mr. Anil Vij, said that sex ratio in the State has improved by 29 points from 871 girls per 1,000 boys to 900 girls per 1,000 boys since the launch of ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ scheme in December, 2014.The Minister, who was replying to a question raised on the fifth day of Budget Session of Vidhan Sabha, here today, said that 18 districts in the State have registered considerable improvement in the sex ratio following awareness and intensive inspection campaigns conducted by the Health Department under the ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ programme.    He said that as a result of the initiatives undertaken by the Department, sex ratio in the State had increased to 900 in 2016. Sex ratio in 12 districts has crossed the 900-mark and it ranges between 875 and 900 in six districts.District Sirsa has registered sex ratio of 935 girls per 1,000 boys, Panchkula 923, Fatehabad 918, Hisar and Palwal 913, Panipat, Ambala and Mewat 912, Karnal 908, Rohtak 905, Sonepat 901 and Jind 900. Similarly, district Yamunanagar has registered sex ratio of 898 girls per 1,000 boys, Bhiwani and Faridabad 895, Kaithal 887, Jhajjar 884, Gurugram 883, Rewari 870, Kurukshetra 859 and Mahendragarh 850. 

CM WINDOW DISPOSED .5 LACS COMPLAINT OUT OF TWO LACS: Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal, said that about two lakh complaints have so far been received on CM Window, of which more than 1.5 lakh have been disposed.he Chief Minister, who was replying to discussion on Governor’s Address on the fifth day of Budget Session of Vidhan Sabha here today, said that the CM Window was launched to provide transparent and accountable governance to the people of the State.He said that every report is minutely examined by the cell established in Chief Minister’s Office. After report of action taken on complaint is received from department, officers of call centres call the complainants and seek feedback regarding the action taken. The feedback is taken by officers in Chief Minister’s Office, and sometimes the Chief Minister himself seeks feedback. Apart from this, data regarding action taken and complaints received is sent to District Public Relations and Grievance Redressal Committees, which checks any possibility of fraudulent proceedings. He said that rural areas of 14 districts have been declared open defecation-free. Four more districts, namely Mahendragarh, Palwal, Ambala and Karnal would be made open defecation-free by March 31, 2017. Toilet facility has been provided in about 90 per cent houses, he added.

GOVT. CONSTRUCTED AND REPAIRED 8600 KM ROADS:Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal, said that the present State Government has constructed and also carried out repair of total 8,600-km road length, including the pending projects of the previous governments.  The Chief Minister, who was replying to discussion on Governor’s Address on the fifth day of Budget Session of Vidhan Sabha here today, said that the Government had prepared schemes for construction of 628-km roads.   Construction work is presently underway on about 77-km roads and administrative approval has been granted for 139-km roads, whereas only 350-km roads were constructed during the tenure of the previous state government from 2009 to 2014, he added.He said that work was started on the Kundli-Palwal-Manesar (KMP) Expressway project, which had been hanging fire for several years and construction of the Kundli-Manesar stretch is presently under progress. This road would become operational next year, he added.He said that foundation stone had been laid for eight-laning of 70-km stretch of National Highway-1 from Mukarba Chowk in Delhi to Panipat at a cost of Rs 13,802 crore. The Central Government has granted approval for Delhi-Amritsar-Katra via Jind Expressway, the construction of which would open up a new corridor of development in Haryana. As many as 24 Railway Over Bridges (ROBs) and Railway Under Bridges (RUBs) have been constructed in the last 28 months at a cost of Rs 558 crore. Work is underway on 21 ROBs and RUBs, whereas only 67 ROBs and RUBs were constructed in the last 48 years, he added.

CROP INSURANCE SCHEME IMPLEMENTED: Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal today said that the implementation of a crop insurance scheme was a historic decision by the Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi as it has the lowest-ever premium. The Chief Minister, who was replying to the discussion on Governor’s Address in Vidhan Sabha here today, said that the rate of premium was two per cent for Kharif crops, 1.5 per cent for Rabi crops and for horticultural crops, it was five per cent. Although the crop insurance scheme has five per cent premium for cotton, yet keeping in view the interest of the farmers, it has been fixed at two per cent. The balance three per cent of the premium would be paid by the government, he added. He said that the present government had given a record compensation of Rs 2,400 crore for damage to the crops. In addition, the highest-ever price of Rs 320 per quintal has been given for sugarcane. This is the highest price for sugarcane in the country. He said that the government has also paid Rs 1,200 crore to the cane growers. The Prime Minister has set a target to double the income of farmers by the year 2022 and therefore, the state government has taken a number of steps to achieve this goal.He said that the government has been laying emphasis on crop diversification and the marketing facilities are being expanded to ensure that the produce of the farmers reach the markets of Delhi and the NCR.

While referring to the unemployment allowance, he said that under the ‘Saksham’ scheme, the eligible unemployed who have done 10 plus two or equivalent, are entitled to get Rs 900 per month, whereas the unemployed graduate or equivalent are given Rs 1,500 per month and unemployed post-graduate Rs 3,000 per month. He said that in lieu of working for 100 hours per month in various offices of Boards, Corporations and Departments and registered societies, the post-graduate would get an honorarium of Rs 6,000 per month and unemployment allowance of Rs 3,000 per month, thus they would get a total of Rs 9,000 per month. The unemployed graduates would also be covered under the scheme from next financial year

 'TIRTHA DARSHANA' SCHEME FOR SENIOR CITIZENS: Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal today announced that the State government has prepared a ‘Tirtha Darshan’ scheme under which the senior citizens above 60 years of age and of Haryana domicile  would be able to go on pilgrimage within the country at the expense of the Government.The Chief Minister made this announcement while replying to the discussion on Governor’s Address during ongoing budget session of Haryana Vidhan Sabha here today.    He said that under the scheme, the government would bear the entire cost of the tour of senior citizens belonging to the Below Poverty Line (BPL) families. In case of couple, the expenses of the spouse belonging to BPL family would also be borne by the government. They would also be able to take along an assistant. In case of senior citizens of non-BPL families, the Government would bear only 70 per cent of the cost.The senior citizens would be selected for the pilgrimage on the basis of draw of lots. There are more than 400 destinations which can be visited under the scheme. 

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