October 09, 2017 07:38 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

The Additional Principal Secretary to the Haryana Chief Minister, Dr Rakesh Gupta, today issued directions for fast redress of the online grievances received at CM Window and said that all pending grievances should be redressed by the next meeting.

Dr Rakesh Gupta and Officer on Special Duty to the Chief Minister, Mr Bupeshwar Dayal, were presiding over a meeting with nodal officers of departments regarding redress of grievances received at CM Window, here today.

Dr Gupta directed that FIR be registered against such officers and employees of various departments as were involved in corruption or embezzlement. He ordered the Deputy Commissioner (DC) concerned to take strict action two unrecognized private schools in district Fatehabad. 

On another complaint, he said strict action would be taken against those who obstructed the officers working in the Education Department and did not let them take any action against corrupt employees.
He directed Jhajjar DC to investigate the matter related to declaration of false results of examinations in Jagannath Private University and ordered strict against the officer who had written to close the matter without any proper action.

Dr Gupta directed registration of an FIR against the culprit in the embezzlement case in the Industrial Training Institute and strict against the officer who, though satisfied with the complaint, took no action against the culprit. Reports sent unsigned and unclear were taken seriously at the meeting. He ordered re-examination of the embezzlement case in village Booti Mandi in Ellenabad, Sirsa district.

Mr Bhupeshwar Dayal directed Panipat DC to address the complaint of the Irrigation Department. The Chief Minister has directed that it should be done quickly by taking possession of the land, he added.

On another complaint of the Irrigation Department, he said action should be taken against the officer who tried to stop the report of the Vigilance Bureau. He directed that an FIR be registered against the manager and other members of Bank Staff Cooperative Urban NETC Society Ltd., Hisar who ran away with the money of people. Departmental action was ordered in the embezzlement case of Agriculture Department in 2013.

At the meeting, embezzlement of lakhs of rupees in the grants given for the purchase of agricultural equipment in Palwal district between 2010 and 2015, was taken seriously. Departmental action on this matter was directed and report sought within 30 days. Mr Dayal also took serious note of the matter of fake signature on the redress of complaint and ordered that an FIR be registered against the culprits. Mr Dayal said prominent persons related to this complaint would be removed. At the meeting, the action taken to redress the complaints received on social media was also reviewed. He directed officers to promptly redress the complaints being received on social media. The next meeting on the CM Window will be on November 7, he added.


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