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The team of Special Cell/NDR led b yInspector Kailash Singh Bisht, Inspector Ravinder Kumar and Inspector PramodChauhan under the supervision of Shri Govind Sharma, ACP/Special Cell/NDR has busted an ‘International Drug Syndicate’ involved in trafficking of narcoticdrug ‘Pseudoephedrine’by apprehending three accused persons namely SUMMANG @ Pa Mang @ Pa Sum age-46 years r/o village Sakawl Lam Tidim, Chin State Myanmar, SUMIT KUMAR aged-22 years, r/o Kishangarh, VasantKunj, Delhi and SUNIL GOYAL @ Mukesh, aged 51 years, r/o SuryaNagar, Ghaziabad, UP alongwith 438 kgs of illegal narcotic drug Pseudoephedrinehaving worth over Rs. 50 Crores in the International Market.

Mr. Parmod Singh Kushwah, DeputyCommissioner of Police, Special Cell; Delhi Police, said during  last few months, the team of Special Cell/NDR led by team led by Inspector Kailash Singh Bisht, Inspector Ravinder Kumar Tyagi and Inspector PramodChauhan was working on different international drug cartels running from Delhiand other parts of India.

*Smuggling to Myanmar for preparing ‘Methamphetamineor Crystal Meth (Ice)’ for rave parties.

*Three narcotic drug traffickers including one Myanmar National arrested.

*Over438 kgs of Pseudoephedrine worth over Rs. 50 Crores in the International Market seized.

During informationcollection, it was revealed that one person namely Sumit is running one‘Narcotics Drugs Pseudoephedrine cartel’ from Delhi to North-Eastern States for further supply to Myanmar to prepare methamphetamineor crystal meth (Ice) for rave parties. To bust the chain of this racket, the informers were deployed and surveillance wasalso mounted.

Mr. Kushwaha further said, on 31/10/2017 at about 4 PM, one of the secret informer passed on information in Special Cell/NDR that above Sumit, who is involved in Pseudoephedrine (narcotics drugs) trafficking from Delhi to North-Eastern States by train would come today at about 5 PM at NewDelhi railway station to book the illegal narcotic drug Pseudoephedrine parcelsfor Guwahati. On the basis of this information, a team led by Inspector KailashSingh Bisht, Inspector Ravinder Kumar Tyagi and Inspector Pramod Chauhanconsisting of SIs Rohit Kumar Sharma, Rahul Kumar, Alok Maurya, ASIs Satender, Sanjeev, Pradeep, Balwant, HCs Khem Singh, S.Palani, Govind Singh, Rajkumar, Nand Kishore, Birender Negi, M. Laxmiah,Parvesh Rathi, Rajeev, Mohit, Vivek, Constables Pawan, Ankit Deshwal, RahulSingh and Gaurav Shivach laid a trap at the place of information at New DelhiRailway Station and apprehended above accused Sumit Kumar alongwith 340 Kgs of illegal narcotic drugPseudoephedrine.

During interrogation, accused Sumit Kumar stated that the main person of this drug syndicate is a Myanmar national namely SUM MANG. The raids were conducted at the instance of accused Sumit and above SUM MANG @ Pa Mang @Pa Sum was apprehended alongwith 96 Kgs of illegal narcotic drugPseudoephedrine from Vikaspuri, Delhi.

Besides above recoveries, fake Indian voter Identity card & PAN Card of above foreign national SUM MANG, one Maruti Ecco car, Mobile phones etc. has been recovered. This drugis being sent to Myanmar to prepare methamphetamineor crystal meth (Ice), which is sold between $200 to $650 per gram all over the world for use especially in rave parties.

A case under relevant section of NDPS Actfor illegally possessing narcotic drug Pseudoephedrine has been registered and investigationhas been taken up to unearth the entire International Drug Syndicate involved inthis illegal trade.

On02/11/2017 evening, above drug supplier Sunil Goel @ Mukesh has been arrested from road opposite Ramprastha, East District, Delhi alongwith 2 kgs of refined narcoticdrug Pseudoephedrine. 

Police said accused SUM MANG @ PA MANG @ PA SUM, is a  permanent resident of village Sakawl Lam Tidim, Chin State Myanmar. He studied upto 12th from Myanmar. In Nov/Dec 2016, he came in contact with his old friends Tin Tun engage in preparing high quality drug methamphetamineor crystal meth (Ice) in Myanmar. During meeting, Tin Tun told him the procedure for purchasing raw material from India and further its manufacturingas methamphetamine or crystal meth (Ice).

During discussion, he came to know that this high quality drug is sold between $200 to $ 650 per gram all over theworld. Tin Tun offered him 10% profit and he agreed. In the monthof January 2017, he visited Mizoramand Manipur in search of Pseudoephedrine tablets but couldn’t. Thereafter, he asked Tin Tun to give references in India and Tin Tun gave him the reference and contact number of one John r/o Manipur and asked him to go Delhi to purchase tablets containing Pseudoephedrine.

In January 2017, he came Delhi and met John in Palam Colony, Delhi and startedliving with him. Thereafter John introduced him to above Sumit for moving inDelhi and other places. Soon he took rented accommodations and even purchased one HONDA CRV car in his name for transporting narcotic drugs. Soon he got good contacts with of drug dealer Sunil Goel @ Mukesh, selling illegal Pseudoephedrinein Delhi/NCR.

He made godowns in Delhi and Dimapur (Assam). He used to get Pseudoephedrine from SunilGoel @ Mukesh and stored it in his godown in Hasthsal Uttam Nagar, Delhi andlater transports it from Delhi to Dimapur by train in the form of parcels.Later these parcels were sent from Dimapur to Myanmar via Moreh border upto the godown/factory of Tin Tun.

During investigation, it is also revealed that on 13.09.2017, accused SUM MANG @ PA MANG @ PA SUM visited in Mayapuri Delhi for shopping and parked his HONDA CRV car in no parking place.This car was seized by the local police of P.S. Mayapuri Delhi u/s 66 of DP Act. He tried to release this car through above accused Sumit Kumar but local police officials asked him to appear so in fear of revelation of his citizenship, he didn’t go to get his car released and it’s still deposited in P.S. Mayapuri, Delhi.

The accused Sumit Kumar is residentof Kishangarh, Vasant Kunj, Delhi. He is studied upto 9th class anddriver by profession. In the year 2016, he started working as driver with one John resident of Palam Colony, Delhi. In January 2017, above John introduced him to above SUM MANG as his friend andhe started working for him as driver. Later Sum Mang involved him intransporting illegal narcotic drug Pseudoephedrine to his godown in Hasthsal Delhi.

On the instruction of above accused Sum Mang, he started transporting drug by train toGuwahati and Dimapur by different-2 names and addresses and it was furtherreceived by contacts of Sum Mang there. He started getting Rs. 100 per kg inthis business. During August/September 2017, Sum Mang sent him Dimapur andGuwahati by Air for safe receiving and transporting of narcotic drug and he wasearning over Rs. 1 Lakh per month in this business.

AccusedSUNIL GOYAL @ MUKESH was born and brought up in Gali Batasan, Khari Bawli Delhi. He is studied upto 12th class. His family business was PVC Bags but he engaged himself in share marketing and started business from Khari Baoli Delhi. In the year 2003, he shifted his business to Chawla Complex, Shakarpur, Delhiand continued it till 2008. In the year 2008-09, he took Honda Activa Scooty dealership in partnership with his Jija and opened its office in Jagatpuri Delhi. In April 2014, he took 200 yards duplex floor for over 3.5 Crores with loan of Rs. 2.88 Crores from Bajaj Finance. In December 2014, this business closed due to loss and dispute between them and started trading of two wheelersmotor parts. 

In the year 2016, he took drug trading license from Drug Department, Karkardooma, Delhi and took a shop cumgodown at Pandav Road Vishwas Nagar, Shahdara, Delhi. He used to do trading of all types of medicines as per requirements in the market. In March-April 2017,accused Sum Mang alongwith Sumit Kumar met him in Bhagirath Palace market,Delhi and asked for Pseudoephedrine drug in huge quantity on higher price and due to huge house loan and in greed, he agreed. Thereafter, he started selling huge quantity of this drug to this syndicate at 20-30% commission. From March-October 2017, he sold drugs of over Crores to this syndicate. During this period in May 2017, he was arrested at P.S. Preet Vihar, Delhi vide FIR No.57/2015 U/s 420/467/468/471 IPC in a cheating case and in July 2017 released on bail and continued above illegal business.

The investigation with all accused persons is continuing to unearth this international illegal narcotic drug Pseudoephedrine cartel.  

Police recovered over 438 kgs of narcotic drug Pseudoephedrine worth over Rs. 50 Crores, Fake Indian voter Identity card & PAN Card of accused SUM MANG,  One Maruti Ecco car, One Maruti Swift car.,  Mobile phones etc. Furtherinvestigation is in progress.


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