November 05, 2017 04:33 PM

Modi led NITI Ayog ignoring the interests of Scheduled Castes; cuts in SC welfare plans

Chandigarh (Face2News)

The National Scheduled Castes Alliance (NSCA) today urged the union government headed by Mr Narendra Damodardas Modi to immediately enhance the income tax slabs for the scheduled castes of the country keeping in view their present plight.

Paramjit Singh Kainth, president of the NSCA, in a statement issued here has urged the central government to order enhancement of the income tax slab for the scheduled castes from the present Rs. 2.5 lakh per annum to Rs. 6 Lakh keeping in view the present plight of the persons belonged to these castes. He demanded that the price of all the essential commodities have gone very high and touching the sky and it has become very difficult for the people to run the houses accordingly.
The NSCA also wrote a letter to the Prime Minister regarding this issue to increase the income tax slab.

Talking about the fixation of criteria in this connection Kainth further demanded that this must be connected to the price index so that the scheduled castes will get a relief over this front. He said that due to the ever-increasing prices the people belonged to the scheduled castes are pushed towards the poverty line so it is the Constitutional duty of the central government to help them out by increasing the slab.

Kainth added “The government had recently increased the OBC creamy layer from Rs 6 lakh to Rs 8 lakh for more equitable distribution of reservation benefit, The Scheduled Castes community also deserve such a raise in our Income tax slab”. He further added “Even after almost a year of Demonetization and the economic disruption caused by it, the government should be looking at raising the threshold for paying income tax so that people have more disposable money in their hands.”

GST has been beneficial for the corporates who gives lakhs and crores of Rupees to these political parties and the advantages to the common man may take longer to be apparent and in the meantime, the Scheduled Castes community and its people earning meagre salaries and income all around the country are facing a tough time and bearing the burden on their shoulders which are already heavily bothered by further atrocities and social inequalities met with them.

Kainth urged the Government to be more considerate and compassionate in the affairs of the Scheduled Castes community and warned it of the growing misuse of political might and politicized bureaucracy against the Scheduled Castes. Lamenting on the poor condition of Law & Order, Kainth described the current scenario as grim and unhealthy for a developing nation like India.

Kainth also claimed the PM Modi led NITI Aayog to be least concerned about the issues of Scheduled Castes, their recent actions and cuts in the budget for the scheduled castes shows the amount of importance the development and growth of SC’s the NITI Aayog holds.

“People have to pull their children out of schools, cut out on meals and even sometimes have to take loans to make their ends meet. The situation for the Scheduled Castes community is much worse, added with these problems; they have to face the social stigma even in this day and age.” Kainth said.

Finally Kainth concluded by saying that “Rise in the income tax slab would be a welcomed effort and it will certainly help in the development and decrease in economic burden for the Scheduled Castes community. With more money at their disposal, the community can grow more, get educated properly and maintain their families in an efficient way.”

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