November 16, 2017 01:49 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

The Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal, has greeted the media fraternity on National Press Day and lauded their services to the people, society, the nation, and democracy.

In message issued here today, the Chief Minister said, “I greet the media fraternity on the occasion of National Press Day. I laud the role played by them, especially by those in the field, who defy all odds to bring information to the people, put the establishment on their toes, and help shape the course of public discourse. But for this, government policies and programmes would not reach the masses, and public opinion will not be informed. I am sure the National Press Day will strengthen their resolve to play this vital role with added responsibility, vigour and vitality”.

Referring to social media, the Chief Minister said, “Social media has lent pace to dissemination of news and views and made the space more participative and competitive. I am sure this space will be utilized more responsibly in taking information, not propaganda, to the people”.Swearing by the freedom of the press, Mr Manohar Lal said, "A free press constitutes the cornerstone of a vibrant democracy. Committed to upholding the freedom of press and expression in all forms, we have offered several facilities to media persons to enable them to discharge their responsibilities. I hope media will continue to strive to live up to its reputation of being the fourth pillar of democracy”.

Information, Public Relations and Languages Minister, Mrs Kavita Jain tweeted congratulations to media persons,  Principal Secretary, Information, Public Relations and Languages Department Mr Rajesh Khullar, Director, Information, Public Relations and Languages Department, Mr Sameer Pal Srow and Media Advisor to Chief Minister, Mr Amit Arya also greeted the media persons on the National Press Day. 

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