January 05, 2018 06:55 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

Panjab University, Chandigarh held the inaugural meeting regarding “Linking of Universities with National Research Laboratories (Northern Region)” ,here today.The meeting was consequent to a high powered meeting held earlier in the office of Principal Scientific Advisor (PSA) to Govt. of India, at New Delhi on 18th December 2017, where it was decided that Universities need to be linked closely with National Research Laboratories for improving the education and research of universities, sharing of resources of national research institutions and preparing quality manpower as per the needs of Indian industry.

Prof. Arun K Grover, Vice-Chancellor, Panjab university, Chandigarh on the basis of a communiqué received from the office of the PSA to convene a meeting in this regard, in the capacity of Chairman of the Forum comprising of four universities (Panjab university, Punjabi university, Kurukshetra university and Guru Jambheshwar university of Science & Technology) and six national research labs (IMTECH, CSIO, NABI, CIAB, INST and SCL). The heads/nominees of Universities and Research Institutes were invited for the meeting as per the list provided by the PSA.

The Meeting was chaired by Prof. Arun K. Grover, Vice Chancellor, Panjab University, Chandigarh and Co- Chaired by Dr. T. R. Sharma, Director, NABI. Prof. RupinderTewari Coordinator, DST-CPR at PU was the Convenor of this meeting. Prof. Arun K Grover (Chairman)Vice-ChancellorPU, Chandigarh, Prof. B.S. Ghuman  Vice-Chancellor(Member)Pbi. University, Patiala, Prof. Tankeshwar Kumar , Vice-Chancellor(Member) G. J. University, Hisar,Prof. N.N Dogra (Member- VC’s Nominee)Kurukshetra University,and Prof. Anil Vohra (Member- VC’s Nominee) Kurukshetra University were present in this meeting . Besides this from research institutes Dr. T. R. Sharma   (Co-Chair)NABI, Mohali, Dr Anil Koul Director(Member) I.M.T. , Chandigarh, Shri Surinder Singh Director(Member) Semi-Conductor Laboratory,Department of Space,Govt. of India,S.A.S Nagar, Dr H.K Sardana (Member- Director’s Nominee)CSIO, Chandigarh , Dr DeepaGhosh (Member-Director’s Nominee)INSTec, Mohali were also present. Special Invitees were Prof. RupinderTewari Convener Coordinator,DST-Centre for Policy Research at PU, Chd, Prof. S.K. Mehta Director, CIL/SAIF, PU,. Prof. M.M. Gupta,Department of Physics, PU, Prof. Rajat Sandhir Deputy Director,RPC, PU, Dr RakeshTuli Ex Director NABI and Advisor UIET, PU


• DST-Centre for Policy Research, Chandigarh ( will be the nodal centre for the activities of the forum.
• Each member-institute would nominate one senior scientist / professor for managing the activities of the forum.
• Scientists from the National Laboratories should be encouraged to work as ‘Adjunct Faculty’ in the Universities.
• Channels should be developed for University faculty to spend time in National Research Laboratories.
• Every member institute should set aside a dedicated fund for performing the activities of the forum. The amount of the fund could be based on the size of the institute as well as the financial deficit being faced by the institute.
• The activities should be kick-started without waiting for arranging funds. Once the programme has started and taken a certain shape, Office of PSA will be approached for financial assistance.
• Universities should set aside funds not only for Science stream but also for ‘Humanities’ as well.
• Approval from the Governing bodies of the institutes should be sought for setting up such a fund.
• A Steering Committee, comprising of the members of all the forum institutes would be set up to streamline the activities undertaken by the forum.
• A list of MoUs signed between the Universities (PU, Pbi.U, KU and GJU) and National Research laboratories (CSIO, IMTECH, NABI, CIAB and SCL) should be prepared.
• A Draft of MoU will be prepared and circulated to all the member institutes.
• National Research Laboratories will regularly organize seminars/workshops to sensitize/impart hands-on training to the faculty, researchers and students of universities for showcasing the research areas and facilities available in the National Labs.
• The research potential of the area is vast and highly untapped, hence there should be a greater focus on impactful research.
• For the selection of students to attend workshops or carrying out dissertations, a screening criteria needs to be put in place and an algorithm needs to be worked out.
• Before carrying out collaborative research, a clear set of rules for sharing IPR and credits should be designed.
• For the selection of students to attend workshops or carrying out dissertations, a screening criteria needs to be put in place and an algorithm needs to be worked out.
• Before carrying out collaborative research, a clear set of rules for sharing IPR and credits should be designed.

• A dedicated web-portal of the forum would be created which would have links of all the member institutes and provide an update of the activities of the forum.
• Once the activities of the forum are stabilized, it can be expanded to include the adjoining institutes (research labs and universities) in the area.
• The educational institutions of Himachal Pradesh can also be included in the forum activities.
• MHRD may be approached to grant more autonomy to universities engaged with national research laboratories.
• For availing the instrumentation facilities of the National Research Labs by the Universities, the National Research Labs could provide a concession (of say 20%) to the forum members.
• Chandigarh region can be developed on lines of Bangalore region, as a hub for science and research, given the immense potential the region has.
• As northern region of India is the bread basket, greater focus on research and education should be on agriculture and farming.
• A monitoring committee needs to be set up which would assess the performance of various activities carried out by the forum.
• Domain-specific inter-institutional sub-groups should be set up in the Chandigarh and surrounding region.


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