February 11, 2018 09:21 PM

New Delhi (Face2News)

On 10.02.2018, acting on a tip from one member of Eyes and Ear Scheme, the team of PS Lodhi Colony, South District has solved one sensational kidnapping case of a 7 Years old boy and rescued the boy safely from the clutches of kidnappers. One lady kidnapper namely Smt. Radha and her associate Bhajan Singh r/o PS & Teh.Amba, Distt. Muraina ( M. P.) age-20 Yrs have been arrested.

Mr. Vijayantaarya, IPS, said, on Feb.9 , a case vide FIR no. 15/18 u/s363/34 IPC PS Lodhi Colony has been registered on the complaint of Sh. BalramGautam regarding kidnapping of his nephew aged 07 years from outside Sai BabaMandir, Lodhi Road in the afternoon of 08.02.18. The complainantapproached the police on the next day i.e. on 09.02.2018.

Keeping in view the gravity of the case, a team under supervision of ACP Defence Colony Sh. B.S. Rana in the leadership of SHO Lodhi Colony comprising ASI Vijay, Ct Mannu and Ct Saket was constituted to trace thekidnapped boy. The police team immediately sprung into the action and started gathering human and technical information in the case. During this exercise, while the police team waschecking CCTV footage of Sai Baba Mandir, in one of the footage a lady was seen carrying the boy in her lap. After developing photographs of the footage all the team members started searching the boy in the vicinity around Sai Mandir.

At thistime one lady r/o Lodhi Road, who is member of Eyes & Ear Scheme of PS.Lodhi Colony informed the police that she had seen a lady carrying the kidnapped child. She also informed that one man waswith that lady and she can identify both of them. 

On 10.02.2018 at around 4:30 PM that lady informed ASI Vijay to come near Sai Baba Mandir, where Bhandara is beingdistributed. When ASI Vijay, Ct Mannu and Ct Saket reached there, they foundthe lady talking to a man. She informed the police team that she had seen thisman with the lady who took away the boy on 08.02.2018. The police team immediatelyapprehended the man identified as Bhajan Singh r/o PS & Teh. Amba, Distt. Muraina( M. P.) age-20 Yrs, who initially denied having knowledge of the kidnapping of the boy but on sustainedinterrogation he admitted his involvement in the kidnapping and informed thatthe boy was taken away by his Bhabhi Smt. Radha and that the kidnapped boy had been confined in their jhuggi nearMTNL building near Jangpura Metro Station.The police team immediately raided the jhuggi of the accused and rescued the kidnapped boy. Relatives of the rescuedboy were called who identified the victim.  

During interrogation accused Smt. Radha confessed that she is the r/o PS & Teh. Amba, Distt. Muraina( M. P.). She has two children with her husband. But after having some disputewith her husband, she left his home and came to Delhi with her Brother- in-LawBhajan Singh. As her husband didn’t give her the custody of any of her child, whenshe saw the victim outside Sai Baba Mandir, Lodhi Road, she kidnapped and took himat her jhuggi near MTNL building near Jangpura Metro Station. 

Police said, accused Bhajan Singh r/o PS & Teh. Amba, Distt. Muraina ( M. P.)age-20 Yrs. Works on daily wages at a MTNL Canteen.He studied up to 6th class and lives with hismother and Bhabhi at jhuggi near MTNL building near Jangpura Metro Station. The second accused  Radha r/o PS & Teh. Amba, Distt. Muraina(M.P.) also works on daily wages. After dispute with her husband she left his house and startedliving with her brother-in–law in Delhi.


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