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A team of Special Cell consisting of Inspr. Chandrika Prasad, Inspr. Amul Tyagi, Inspr. Ravinder Joshiand Inspr. Satish Rana under the supervision of ACP Govind Sharma, not onlyapprehended the most wanted terrorist Ariz Khan @ Junaid @ Salim Sir r/o Koti Qila area, PS Kotwali, Azamgarh, U.P &  Fatehpura, PS Bilariya Ganj, Azamgarh, U.P.,but also succeeded in curtailing and denting the revival bid of banned terroristoutfit the Indian Mujahideen(IM).

Mr. PS Kushwah, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Special Cell, New Delhi, said  Special Cell was working on the leads gatheredfrom the interrogation of the earlier arrested terrorists with links to the Indian Mujahideen (IM) and other terrorist outfits; as well as the inputs provided by severalsecret sources deployed across the country. During the past few months, inputswere received through different sources that absconded terrorists of IM/SIMIhave set up their base in Nepal and are frequently visiting India to indoctrinateunemployed youth among their community to fill the void left after the arrestof top leaders of Indian Mujahideen/SIMI. They have been planning the revivalof the weak and scattered network of Indian Mujahideen. In the meantime, theteam attained major success by arresting the SIMI ideologue Abdul Subhan @Abdus Subhan @ Tauqeer in January 2018. The interrogation of Tauqeer gave some crucial leads regarding the movements/activities of the fugitive Ariz Khan @ Junaid.  

Wanted by Agencies and State Police:

 *NIA- Wanted by NIA in the CaseNo.RC-06/2012/NIA/DLI for conspiring with other members of IM to committerrorist act in India. A reward of Rs. 10 Lakhs has been declared on his arrest.

 Delhi Police

He was wanted by Delhi Police for 13/09/2008 serial blasts in which about 30persons were killed and over 100 persons got injured. He was also wanted in19/09/2008 Batla House Encounter in which Inspr.  Mohan Chand Sharma sustained bullet injuryand later on died in the hospital.


He was a co-conspirator and main executioner of Ahmedabad serial blasts on26/07/2008 in which 56 people were killed and over 150 got injured.


He was a co-conspirator and main executioner of Jaipur serial blasts on13/05/2008 in which 63 people were killed and over 216 got injured.

UP Police

He was a co-conspirator and main executioner of UP court blasts in Lucknow,Faizabad and Varanasi on 23/11/2007in which 15 people were killed and over 70 got injured.

Police further said few days ago a specific information was received that Ariz Khan @ Junaid will becoming to UP from Banbasa Indo-Nepal border to meet an associate. A team ofSpecial Cell immediately moved to the area near Banbasa Indo-Nepal border andlaid a trap. Accused Ariz Khan @ Junaid was apprehended on 13/02/2018, at about 05.20 pm near Sharda Inter College, Banbasa,Nepal Road, after a sustainedsurveillance near the aforesaid border area.  


Police further said Ariz Khan @ Junaid was born on30/07/1985 at Azamgarh, UP. He had one elder and one younger brother.Initially, he and his elder brother Shariq Khan stayed with their uncle Dr.Fakhre Alam’s home at Bazbahadur Mohalla, Azamgarh City, UP whereas his youngerbrother Tabish Khan lived with his mother at Takiya Mohalla (Takiya Asif Ganj), near Jama Masjid, Azamgarh.   He started his studies from Shibly National Nursery School, Azamgarh and then shifted to Jyoti Niketan School,Azamgarh, U.P. After passing 10th class exams, he went to Aligarhfor appearing in entrance exam for 11th Class in Aligarh MuslimUniversity, Aligarh but he failed to clear the exam. Then he took admission in JyotiNiketan School with Science stream (PCM). After completing 12thclass in year 2003, he joined Rubik Rostrum, Job Link Road, Lucknow for thepreparation of Engineering Entrance Exams from Sept. 2003 to Jan. 2004. But hefailed to clear any of the Entrance Exams and shifted to Delhi for further preparation. From April 2004 to May 2005, he stayed at his maternal uncle’shouse at Lajpat Nagar, Delhi and then at Zakir Nagar, Delhi. Subsequently, hetook admission in B. Tech. (Information Technology) in S. D. College,Muzaffarnagar, UP where his elder brother was also studying.  Introduction to Atif Ameen @ Guru @ Mamu @ Badhdat (long teeth) 

After completion of 10th class, he along with his school friends Assadullah Akhtar @ Haddi, Mirza Shadab Baig, Mohd.Hakim and Azhar went to Aligarh for preparation for the entrance exam of AMU to11th class. Mirza Shadab Baig’s maternal uncle Javed @ Juggler alsoused to study there. During the same time Atif Ameen also came there through Azhar,an acquaintance of his. Atif stayed with Ariz Khan and his friends. But none ofthem managed to clear the entrance exam.   After coming from Aligarh, ArizKhan and his friends namely Assadullah Akhtar @ Haddi,Mirza Shadab Baig, Mohd. Hakim and Azhar again took admission in Jyoti NiketanSchool. While, Atif Ameen took admission in Shibly National Nursery School in11th class. Atif’s family was living at Saraimir, Azamgarh which was at a distance of 30 KMs from school. Therefore, Atif stayed at different rentedaccommodation in BadarKa Mohalla and Raja ka Qila Mohalla, Azamgarh. 

 During this period, Ariz Khan frequently visited Atif Ameen’s accommodation. Besideshim, the core group - Assadullah, Mirza Shadab Baig, Zeeshan and Azhar alsostayed here. Atif Ameenthen introduced them to “Tameer-E-Millat” magazine,Jehadi audio cassettes of Maulana Masood Azhar, Islamic Tarane and videos ofPhilistine War.

First meeting with Arif Sheikh 

Inyear 2003,  Arif Sheikh r/o Sanjarpur,Azamgarh came to Atif Ameen’s room at Raja ka Qila Mohalla where Atif Ameenhimself along with Shadab Mirza Baig, Assadullah  and Ariz Khan werepresent. During this meeting, they had discussions on Deen (Islam) and life after death.   

In January 2005, Ariz Khan along with his maternal uncle Mirza Shahzad Baigshifted to Zakir Nagar from Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. At the same time, Atif Ameen wasliving with his brother Raghib at Shaheen Bagh, Delhi.

During one of their meetings, Atif informed him about undergoing 40 days training at Karachi, Pakistan in which he had learnt handling of weapons, preparation of ImprovisedExplosive Devices and physical training. Atif further disclosed that Amir RezaKhan r/o Kolkata, West Bengal, India was also there with him at the training in Pakistan and he had gone there at the behest of Sadiq Shiekh r/o Cheetah Camp,Trombay, Mumbai.

In 2005, Ariz Khan was staying at his Bazbahadur Mohalla house and Atif Ameenwasalso present at Azamgarh. One day, Atif Ameencalled him to Takiya Mohalla andintroduced him to Sadiq Sheikh r/o Azamgarh. During a subsequent meeting, Sadiq informed him that the former had joined Jihad due to the Babri Masjid incident.

In February 2005, Atif Ameen met him at his Zakir Nagar residence and started visitingregularly. During these meetings, Atif Ameen had changed his way of talking andappeared to be completely radicalized. Atif Ameen, subsequently, managed toradicalize him along with Mirza Shadab Baig, Mohd. Shakeel r/o Sangam Vihar,Delhi and Saquib Nissar r/o Zakir Nagar, Delhi. 

Radicalization of other IM Members: 

Assadullah Akhtar @ Haddi: Assadullah got admission in Integral University, Lucknow in year 2005 where Mohd. Hakim Bagga and Sarwar r/o Chandpatti village were also studying. Ariz Khan and Atif Ameen used to meet Asadullah there and managed to radicalize him.

Mirza Shadab Baig: Atif met him along with Ariz khan at Zakir Nagar, Delhi and radicalize him.

Saif-ur-Rehman: After 12th class, he was pursuing graduation from Shibly College, Azamgarh. Atif and Ariz used to meet him at Azamgarh and radicalized him too.

Zeeshan Ahmed: In year 2008, Zeeshan studying at IIPM, Delhi, was ditched by a girl due to which he suffered from depression and wished to commit suicide. Then Ariz, Atif and Mirza Shadab Baig motivated and radicalized him to join Jihad. 

Sanjarpur, Azamgarh Group

Mohd. Saif: He was motivated & radicalized by Atif Ameen & Ariz Khan. He met Mohd. Saif towards the end of year 2005 or beginning of year 2006 through Atif Ameen at Saraimeer’s room, Azamgarh, UP.

Chota Sajid: He met Chota Sajid in July-Aug. 2007 through Mohd. Saif. Chota Sajid was already radicalized and agreed to participate in Jehadi activities.

Bada Sajid: Bada Sajid was an old contact of Atif Ameen, whom Ariz Khan met towards the end of year 2007. He was already actively participating with Atif Ameen in Jehadi activities.

Khalid@ Kodi: Khalid was pursuing Lab Technician Course from JamiaHamdard University and used to live at Sarita Vihar. Being a native of Azamgarh,he was known to Atif Ameen. Later, Ariz Khan and Atif also radicalized him inthe beginning of year 2008.

Salman: Ariz Khan met Salman in July-Aug. 2007 through Mohd. Saif. Salman was alreadyradicalized and agreed to participate in Jihadi activities.

ArifHussain: Ariz Khan met Arif Hussain in July-Aug. 2007 throughMohd. Saif. Arif Hussain was already radicalized and agreed to participate inJehadi activities.

Delhi Group:


He was a relative of Mirza Shadab Baig and used to liveat Shaheen Bagh, Delhi. Atif and Ariz came in contact of Saquib Nissar throughMirza Shadab Baig and radicalized him in year 2005.

Mohd.Shakeel: He used to live at Sangam Vihar, Delhi and was a closefriend of Saquib Nissar. Atif Ameen and Ariz radicalized him through SaquibNissar in year 2005.

Zia-ur-Rehman: InMay-June of year 2008, Atif met Zia at Jamia Millia Islamia University campus.In Aug. 2008, Zia-ur-Rehman arranged L-18, Batla House, Zakir Nagar for AtifAmeen, Ariz Khan & others.

 Shahzad@ Pappu: He was a native Azamgarh but came in contact of Atif Ameenand Ariz Khan in Batala House, Delhi. He stayed at Batala House flat for sometime and was motivated by Atif Ameen and Ariz Khan to join their group to wageJihad. 

Major Involvements

UP Court Blasts, November 2007: On November 17, 2007 some lawyers of Session Court, Lucknow beat up 3 terroristsof Jaish-e-Mohammad while the terrorists were in police custody and prior tothis incident, lawyers of UP courts had also refused to represent some personswho were arrested on terrorist charges. In order to teach lawyers of UP courts a lesson they planned IED blasts at differentcourt premises. Subsequently, on 23 November, 2007, he along with hisassociates planted 3 IED’s at Varanasi Court, 2 IED’s at Faizabad Courts and 2IED’s at Lucknow Court. IED’s at the Lucknow court were planted by him with hisassociate. They also sent an e-mail to news channels 5 minutes prior to theblasts to claim responsibility for the attack by Indian Mujahiddin. It was thefirst time that the Indian media came to know of the terrorist group-IndianMujahiddin.

Jaipur Blasts, May 2008: Priorto the Jaipur Blasts, he along with Atif Ameen went to Udupi for collecting theexplosives. At Udupi, Riyaz Bhatkal & Yasin Bhatkal met them at a Hotel andgave them C-shape/boat shape structure and a large number of detonators. MirzaShadab Baig went to Udupi for handing over ball bearings to Yasin Bhatkal forusing the same for preparation of IED’s. Subsequently, he along with Atif Ameenand his other associates reached Jaipur 9-10 days prior to the blasts. Theyreached Jaipur in three separate teams by Volvo Buses which they boarded fromJodhpur House, Delhi. Subsequently, after conducting recce of their prospectivetargets, they returned to Delhi. On the fateful day of the blasts, they took 10IED’s separately to plant at pre-decided locations. Nine (9) blasts took placewhereas one IED failed to explode. About 63 persons were killed and over 216were injured in Jaipur serial blasts.  

Ahmedabad-SuratBlasts, July 2008: Some timebefore the Ahmedabad Blasts, he along with Mirza Shadab Baig went to Udupi forhanding over ball bearings to Yasin Bhatkal for using the same for preparationof IED’s. Subsequently, he along with Atif Ameen and his other associatesreached Ahmedabad 15 days prior to the blasts. They reached Ahmedabad by AshramExpress and received there by Qayamuddin Kapadia, Mujeeb Sheikh & AbdulRazik. Subsequently, they formed three teams for conducting recce of theirprospective targets. He along with Atif Ameen and Mirza Shadab Baig was in theteam of Abdul Razik. After conducting recce, they all returned to Delhi. Then,Atif Ameen, Mohd. Saif and Bada Sajid reached Ahmedabad 2-3 days prior to theblasts whereas he and rest of his group members reached there on the day of blaststo plant IED’s. About 57 persons were killed and over 150 were injured in theseserial blasts that rocked Ahmedabad, Gujrat.

 Delhi Serial Blasts, September 2008: ArizKhan played a pivotal role in Delhi Serial Blasts of September, 2008. Hisassociates Mohd. Saif and Khalid @ Kodi brought the explosive from Udupi,Karnataka and he along with Atif Ameen received the explosives in Delhi. Healong with Bada Sajid bought materials for explosion from various Markets ofDelhi. He along with other members of the group conducted recce of theirprospective targets and on 13.09.2008 along with Atif Ameen he planted IED’s atM Block Market, Greater Kailash, Delhi. About 30 persons were killed and over100 were injured in these serial blasts that occurred at Karol Bagh, ConnaughtPlace, Greater Kailash and 4 unexploded IED’s were also recovered fromConnaught Place, India Gate and Parliament Street.

Escape from India: On19 September 2008, a team of Special Cell raided their hideout at Batla House,Delhi where he, along with Atif Ameen, Mohammad Sajid @ Chota Sajid, Mohd. Saif  and Shehzad Ahmed @ Pappu were present. Heand Shehzad @ Pappu escaped from the flat after firing at the police partywhile Atif Ameen, Mohd. Saif and Mohammad Sajid were trapped inside the house.After escaping from the flat he and Shehzad @ Pappu visited their relatives andacquaintances in Delhi, UP, Rajasthan and Maharastra to seek shelter andfinancial aid. But none of them agreed to provide them hide out for a longperiod fearing police action. After about one month they got separated.Subsequently, he contacted his uncle Khursheed Alam who gave him contactdetails of Nizamuddin Khan @ Nizam Khan r/o Nepal. He was at Varanasi at thattime, from where he went to Bihar and crossed India-Nepal Border and reachedBirat Nagar, Nepal. With the help of Nizam Khan, he managed to procure NepaliCitizenship Card and Passport in the name of Mohd. Salim. In Nepal, he hadstayed in Palpa, Kapilavastu and Gorkha area. During his stay in Nepal, initiallyhe ran a restaurant and later on started teaching in different schools.

Revival plan of Indian Mujahideen and visit to Saudi Arabia: During his stay in Nepal accused Ariz Khan @ Junaidmanaged to procure fake local Civilian ID (Voter ID) through Nizam Khan andremained in Nepal till 2014. During this period, he again came in touch withRiyaz Bhatkal who motivated him to come to Dammam, Saudi Arabia for arrangingfinance to revive IM in India. He managed to procure a Nepali Passport and inSeptember 2014 he went to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the basis of thatpassport. For a cover, he worked as a labour/stocker and also met with manySIMI/IM sympathizers there. He returned from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in March2017. After returning from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he started visiting Indiaclandestinely to revive IM. Through his established contacts, he procuredlogistics for his visits to India. On 13.02.2018, he was en route to UP to meetone of his old IM sympathizers. 

Role of Ariz Khan @ Junaid ascertained by the leads

 *One of the chief conspirator and executioner of bombingincidents by banned outfit Indian Mujahideen.*An expert bomb-maker.*Core member of the Azamgarh, U.P. module of Indian Mujahideen. * Conspiring and planning of the Delhi, Jaipur & Ahmedabadbomb blasts by IM in 2008 and UP court blasts of 2007. *Regrouping and recruiting of the IM cadre. 

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