March 24, 2018 05:07 PM

Shimla (Vijyender Sharma)

The High Court of H.P. directed the Deputy Superintendent of Police(Traffic), Shimla to file an affidavit stating the mechanism to check the plying of vehicles without permit on the restricted and sealed roads in Shimla and to take measures for removal of the idle/unauthorized parked vehicles on the Circular Road.

A Division Bench comprising the Acting Chief Justice Sanjay Karol and Justice Sandeep Sharma passed these orders on a petition filed by Shri Prem Raj & others who have alleged in the petition that despite their repeated requests/representations regarding haphazard parking on the road side of the ambulance road from Sanjauli-Cemetry Tunnel to Dhingu Bawri, Sanjauli, the concerned authorities have failed to take any action. They have further alleged that due to haphazard parking they are not able to take their patients to the hospitals through the said road and that the mischief and nuisance reaches its peak at night hours when the vehicles get parked in such a manner that it becomes impossible for vehicles to cross which creates a hurdle for the ambulances to take the patients, if required during night hours, thus forcing the attendants of the patient to take the patient on foot till the main Sanjauli road.

The Court directed the Deputy Commissioner, Shimla also to file his affidavit stating the number of vehicles registered in Shimla Town with Registering Authority, Shimla (Urban) and to state whether every vehicle owner has dedicated parking, in compliance of the orders passed by the Court from time to time, and if not so, why no action stands taken by the authorities for cancellation of registration of such vehicles.

The Court further directed the Deputy Commissioner, Shimla and S.P. Shimla to state in their affidavits, the number of vehicles registered as taxis, which are plying in Shima town and the dedicated parking for plying the same. The Court also directed to state as to whether meters are installed in the taxies for recording mileage to charge fare and whether there are sufficient sign boards/signages to indicate rates of plying taxies from one point to another.The Court listed the matter for 29.03.2018.

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