April 04, 2018 11:05 AM

Ferozepore (Manish Bawa)

The railways had to bear loss of crores due to Dalit agitation which took place yesterday in Ferozepur division. It is pertinent to mention here that several trains were affected due to the protest and thousands of commuters remained stranded throughout the day and thousand others were not able to even start their journey. 

As per the information provided by the railway officials, Ferozepur Railway Division had to face loss of Rs. 18442329/- due to cancellation of passenger trains and loss of Rs. 1445214/- due to cancellation of Mail trains. Besides, the railway authorities also refunded Rs. 82608/- under Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS) to the passengers for 422 tickets. Rs. 1127090/- were refunded under Passenger Reservation System (PRS) for 3076 tickets in Ferozepur Division. 

As per details available, Rs. 202043/- were refunded from Ludhiana junction, Rs. 5055/- were refunded from Pathankot junction, Rs. 8300/- were refunded from Jagraon junction, Rs. 12470/- were refunded from Moga junction, Rs. 36185/- were refunded from Dhandari junction, Rs. 39755/- were refunded from Jammu Tawi junction, Rs. 238290/- were refunded from Jalandhar cantt junction, Rs. 55820/- were refunded from Phagwara junction, Rs. 108655/- were refunded from Jalandhar city junction, Rs. 205090/- were refunded from Beas junction and highest amount of Rs. 298035/- were refunded from Amritsar junction. No tickets were cancelled in Ferozepur and Pathankot Cantt. Junction.  When contacted DRM Vivek Kumar said .. 

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