May 24, 2018 08:19 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

Is the soaring summer heat sapping your energy and making you wilt like a flower? You are not alone. The cruel Indian summer is making it difficult for everyone to step out during the day, including your favourite television actors, who, many a times, must work outdoors throughout the day. One such motley crew is the cast of Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama who have been shooting outdoors a lot ever since the start of this summer. Yet, the actors have always been very co-operative with their gruelling shoot schedule despite the harsh weather. This is because each has their own solution to cope with the heat and maintain their energy under the unforgiving sun. 

The crew ensures that enough shade area is provided for the cast and crew to rest in between breaks, clean drinking water along with lemonade and wet towels is always at disposal to keep the team hydrated and refreshed. 

Sharing how he makes it through the day, Krishna Bharadwaj, who essays the role of Rama on the show, says, “Firstly, it’s imperative to keep the body hydrated at all times to avoid heat strokes and other summer ailments. All of us constantly sip water and ensure that we drink coconut water at least once a day. We also regularly drink Tang which is a good source of energy.” 

Manav Gohil, who plays Krishnadevarya on the show, says, “I have a lot of chaas or laasi to stay refreshed every day. Along with this, I have a great intake of summer fruits such as watermelon and muskmelon which keeps me hydrated”. 

Pankaj Berry, who plays Tathacharya on the the show says,” We are always finding different ways to rejuvenate ourselves in these summers, wherein some members bring fruit juices along with them, while some others drink kokam sherbet as it is a natural coolant and helps the body systems to counter heat. We often drink coconut water as a refreshment.  Catch the stellar cast of Tenali Rama on Sony SAB from Monday-Friday 8 PM

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