June 06, 2018 07:13 PM

Mohali (JS KALER)

World Environment Day (WED) is held every year on June 5th. It is one of the principal ways through which United Nation (UN) tries to create awareness and actions required to protect the environment.

There are many ways in which World Environment Day is celebrated by countries across the globe.

Activities include parades and street rallies, along with tree planting, concerts and clean up campaigns. This global event is also used by many countries to enhance political attention and take actions to improve the environment.

WWICS Group of Companies joined in the rest of the world to celebrate World Environment Day by planting 400 trees on the occasion.

The trees were planted by Lt. Col. B.S. Sandhu (WWICS CMD) and employees of the WWICS Group of Companies in and around the Mohali office area of the company.

All the employees of the company were gifted trees by Lt. Col. Sandhu and were asked to plant it near their homes and other suitable locations.

This day also happens to be Lt. Col. Sandhu's birthday and addressing the company's employees on the occasion of World Environment Day, he highlighted the need to save water, plant trees and provide a better future to the next generation.

He added, “vehicle pooling, rain water harvesting and saying no to plastic bags are some of the ways we can save the environment and make it a better place to live in”.

Lt Col Sandhu has been a regular in such types of social activities and this was one of his many social endeavors in giving back to the society and the environment.

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