June 21, 2018 08:48 PM

Mohali (JS Kaler)

NIPER SAS Nagar celebrated the 4th International Yoga Day by organizing a three days yoga camp (June 19-21, 2018) in association with Dhyan Foundation, Delhi. About 100 faculty and staff members with their families and students attended the yoga camp.

 Prof. Raghuram Rao, Director NIPER in his inaugural speech on the day of start of yoga camp said that yoga is essential to raise the consciousness and live a balanced life. The Dhyan Foundation volunteers under the guidance of Yogi Ashwini took the participants on a journey of rediscovering self and moving them from vikriti to prakriti through a series of Asans, pranayam and dhyan.

The miracle of ujjai breath was experienced by the participants and the joint rotations along with back and spine Asans made the participants feel lighter. Their etheric body was purified by the chakra beejAasans like vrikshaasan, naukaasan, uthanasan, chakkichalanasan, janusheershasan, gaumukhasan, ushtasan, vyagraasan , dhanurasan to name a few. The moorchapranayam and  pink light dhyan not only relaxed the participants but also made them feel lighter and more connected with their own selves. An interactive session was also organized for participant with yoga experts

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