July 20, 2018 10:25 PM

New Delhi (Face2News)

A team of Northern Range, Special Cell led by Inspr.Vivekanand Pathak under the supervision of Shri Manoj Dixit, ACP has busted anInterstate drug cartel by arresting two key members/carriers of notoriousInterstate drug cartel namely (1) Binod Rajbongshi, aged-40 years, r/o Distt.Golaghat, Assam and (2) Riyazuddin, age-39 years r/o Bareilly, UP. 04.070kgs of high grade heroin worth Rs. 65 crores in the international market hasbeen recovered from their possession. Besides, several mobile handsets and severalSIM cards used in the drug trafficking activities have also been recovered from them.

 Initially Riyazuddin used to work as carrier of Bhure but later on he developedhis own network and started procuring supply of heroin from Maina. He travelle to Assam and Manipur to bring consignment of heroin and further supplied tovarious persons Delhi and UP.

Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Yadav, IPS, said Special Cell in it scontinuous crusade against drug suppliers had busted many narcotic drug cartelsin the past by arresting several drug suppliers and by recovering hugeconsignments of high grade heroin. Northern Range of Special Cell has busted severalsuch cartels in the recent past and recovered more than 60 kgs of high gradeheroin. Sleuths of Special Cell of Northern Range were working on informationthat an interstate narcotic drug cartel is active in states of Assam, UP, Delhietc.

Members of this cartel are involved in supply of high grade heroin inDelhi, NCR and UP. Members procured high grade heroin from drug supplier ofAssam who further collected raw material to process heroin from hilly areasaround international border of Manipur and Myanmar. This information was further developed by SI Praveen Rathee with the helpof ASI Sanjeev, ASI Dilawar and other team members through technical as well ashuman surveillance. It took about 2/3 months of painstaking efforts todevelop the information. During this process, members of this cartel wereidentified and their activities were kept under discreet surveillance.

Operation : On 19/07/2018,specific information was received that two key members of this cartel namely BinodRajbongshi, resident of Golaghat, Assam and Riyazuddin, resident of Bareilly,UP would come to supply huge consignment of drugs to Nasir, a Delhi basedcontact. Accordingly, a trap was laid near Sector-18 Rohini Metro Station,Delhi and at about 01:15 PM both BinodRajbongshi and Riyazuddin were apprehended. During their search 04.070 kgs finequality heroin was recovered from their possession.

A case under appropriatesections of law was registered at PS Special Cell. The spot interrogation ofboth accused Binod Rajbongshi and Riyazuddin confirmed that the recoveredheroin was delivered to him by one Maina resident of Assam. It was furtherrevealed by Binod Rajbongshi and Riyazuddin that they were involved in supplyof heroin for last 4-5 years. Both travelled by road or by train upto hillyareas of Manipur and Assam especially Golaghat, Assam to procure heroin fromMaina.

A dedicated team of Special Cell has been sent to Golaghat, Assam toidentify and apprehend kingpin of this drug syndicate. Interrogation of accused persons Both the accused Binod Rajbongshi and Riyazuddin were subjected to extensive interrogation. They disclosed that they havebeen indulging in trafficking of narcotic drugs for last about 4-5 years.

Theyalso disclosed that received the supply of heroin from Maina. In order tomislead accused Binod Rajbongshi disclosed that he used to de-board the trainin midway of their journey and further travelled by other means to theirdestination. Riyazuddin revealed that he had supplied the consignment of herointo various persons of UP and Delhi after procuring supply from Maina.

Theaccused persons revealed that they procured huge consignment of crude heroinfrom hilly areas of Manipur and Assam and then processed the same into finequality of heroin at their hideouts. Profile: Binod Rajbongshi is resident of Disttl Golaghat, Assam. He got education upto 12th standard. He hails from a poorfamily. Maina lured him to work with him and also told him about huge profit insupply of heroin. He started working as a carrier of Maina and travelled 4-5times to Bareilly, UP and Delhi to supply consignment of heroin to variouspersons in Delhi and UP. Riyazuddin hails from a middle class family. He got education upto 12thClass from Sahajahnapur, UP. He works as contractor in Jal Nigam, UP but inwant of earning more money, Riyazuddin came in contact with one Bhure who isnotorious drug supplier of Bareilly, UP who introduced him to Maina of Assam.

Initially Riyazuddin used to work as carrier of Bhure but later on he developedhis own network and started procuring supply of heroin from Maina. He travelle to Assam and Manipur to bring consignment of heroin and further supplied tovarious persons Delhi and UP.

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