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Delhi Police reported to have busted gang of dacoits and arrested seven accused solving metro dacoitycdase. On 16-07-2018, a PCR call was receivedat 0520 Hrs. at PS Pandav Nagar regarding robbery of copper wires at YamunaKhadar, opposite Akshardham Temple. Immediately, IO SI R. N. Pathak along withCt. Pradeep reached at the spot, where one Mithilesh Jha was found.

Spot inspection revealed that Jha was working as a private security guard on theunder-construction elevated metro track and that night four persons had come tothe tracks under the cover of darkness, over powered him and had kept himhostage by tying his hands and feet.

When Jha attempted to resist, they hit himon his head with a steel rod. Thereafter, the dacoits started cutting thecopper connecting wire from the bundles lying on the track and collected thepieces in a truck waiting for them. Suspecting something amiss, an armed watchman Manoj Kumar came at the spot but he too was overpowered and heldhostage in the same way.

Mr.Pankaj Kumar Singh, IPD,  Deputy commissioner Of Police East district, said, both of them were gagged. Once the truck was loaded,the robbers escaped taking with them the mobile phones and double barrel gun ofthe second watchman. In the meantime some other security guards also gotsuspicious about the truck and attempted to intercept it at the spot. In itshurry to escape, the truck got stuck in the mud and the truck driver Ishtiyaq was apprehended while his partner later identified as Imran managed to escapeas did the other dacoits. Accordingly,a case vide FIR No. 232/18 U/s 395/397/411/34 IPC dated 16/7/18 was registered atPS Pandav Nagar.


The investigation began with theinterrogation of the truck driver Ishtiyaq who was apprehended on the spot, herevealed that he was only the driver of the truck, living in Gazipur and had been engaged by one unknown person who simply told him that certain goods hadto be collected.

This was, therefore, a blind case of dacoity. Immediately, a team was formed under the leadershipSh. Shobhit Saxena, IPS ACP/Mayur Viharcomprising of Insp. Navin Chandra, SHO/PS Pandav Nagar, SI R. N. Pathak, HCKali Charan, , HC Dinesh Singh,Ct. Monu, and Abhishek. Through thoroughcollection of clues from the spot, questioning of the driver and the twowatchmen and electronic surveillance, a list of suspects was drawn. Over thenext few days, several raids were carried out at multiple probable locations.

Eventually a TSR that had carried the four dacoits to the spot was identified.Upon interrogation of its driver Farman, further leads were developed and allaccused persons were identified as Imran (Kabadi), Kamal @ Bheem (Master Mind), Nirdosh, Murari and Vikas @ Vicky. They were allfound to be living in Gaspuri and Anna Nagar JJ Colonies. Being shrewd anddesperate, they had all absconded.

However, relentless efforts by the team ledto the arrest of all accused persons with full recovery of all stolen itemsincluding recovery of the stolen weapon and mobile phones of the watchmen. MODUS OPERANDI: Upon interrogation, they were all found to beoperating a gang committing robberies, dacoities and thefts along the DelhiMetro Corridors which were under construction.

Their mastermind Kamal @ Bheemidentified places along the Delhi Metro Corridor where expensive equipment orconstruction material was found lying. Thereafter, the kabadi Imran would becontacted for planning to transport the stolen items. In the commission ofdacoity, Bheem was helped by his sidekicks Nirdosh, Murari and Vicky. They weretransported to the scene of crime by their dedicated TSR driver Farman whoalways waited in readiness to facilitate the escape of the dacoits.


*Ishtiyaq Ahmed R/o near Ghazipur Dairy Farm, Delhi, age 35 years. He is a tempo driver by profession and transportsitems from Gazipur Mandi*ImranR/o Masjid Teliyan, Darya Ganj, Delhi, age 26 years. He is known to the main accused Kamal KumarKoli @ Bheem and running a Kabari shop. He came in touch of accused Kamal KumarKoli @ Bheem during buying of stolen items from him. He managed a tempo in thepresent case on the instruction of Kamal @ Bheem*FarmanR/o Kotla Village, Mayur Vihar-I, Delhi age 22 years.He is the auto driver who ferried theaccused persons in his auto near the place of occurrence. He then parked theauto at NH-9 in front of the place of occurrence and not only remained ready tohelp them escape but also kept a watch to alert the accused persons during thedacoity. * KamalKumar Koli @ Bheem R/o Anna Nagar, IP Estate, Delhi age 22 years. He earlier worked as a helper on underconstruction metro tracks. He has full knowledge about the valuable propertylying at under construction metro tracks. He is the main conspirator.* Vicky@ Vikas R/o Sanjay Amar Colony, Delhi age 25 years. He is the neighbour of Kamal Kumar Koli @Bheem. He is previously involved in FIR No. 87/14 U/s 392/397/411/34IPC, PS IP Estate.*MurariLal@ Murli S/o Udaibir R/o Sarai Kale Khan, Delhi age 22 years.He is also known to Kamal Kumar Koli @Bheem as he is also working at under construction metro track near Pragati Maidanas a helper. *Nirdosh@ Jamura R/o Sarai Kale Khan, Delhi age 22 years. He is also known to Kamal Kumar Koli @ Bheemas he is also working at under construction metro track near Pragati Maidan asa helper.

RECOVERY: Stolen copper connecting wire. * OneTSR involved in the crime. * OneDouble Barrel Gun robbed during dacoity. *Onemobile phone robbed from the complainant. * Onetempo (Tata Ace) involved in transporting of stolen items. 

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