August 10, 2018 07:29 PM

Faridabad (Face2News)

International Humanity Olympiad conceived and promoted by SATYUG DARSHAN TRUST, Faridabad is finding appreciation and encouragement from all walks of Society. This is the 4th Consecutive year of conduction of this examination and it has expanded its reach by switching to Digital Platforms this Year. New Format of Multiple Choice Questions with supporting Graphics for better understanding of Concepts, immediate result and Online Certification makes this 15 minutes introspective test resonate with liking of students, teachers and Parents. 

Mr. Maheish Girri - Member of Parliament and former International Director of the Art of Living Foundation congratulated Satyug Darshan Trust for Propagating such noble initiative. He emphasized that "Nurturing an Intent to Serve Selflessly will form foundation for a Divine Society"

The Volunteers of Humanity Development Club are receiving thoughtful insights on Human Virtues from different cities, age groups and professional quarters.

Mr. Suresh Dwivedi (ACL institute Gurugram) was impressed with interesting questionnaire of 25 Questions. He said that "These questions were in constant touch with Human Values which made him thoughtful of lack of these virtues in contemporary society and hence this Olympiad is a must for all in present scenario." A Teacher from Arora Coaching Center - Jalandhar shared that their institute is producing Doctors, Engineers and other professional for past 18 years but development of Human Virtues is far more important than Academics.

The Tally of 30 Lakh Participants - touched and enlightened by Humanity Olympiad - in past 3 Years has received a boost of another 1 Lakh in a short span of less than a Month. Conduction of this examination on Digital Platform has been a pragmatic move by the Trust as they are observing exponential growth in number of Students appearing for this Olympiad.

Schools and Coaching Centers from all over India are in regular touch with Trust through to regularly observe progress of their respective students. After receiving warm welcome and encouragement from representatives of State and Centre Government, Industrialists, School Administrations - the Humanity Olympiad is finding rave reviews and big thumbs up from Television and Film Fraternity as well.

Mr Avtar Gill - Indian Television and Film Actor generously praised the efforts made by Satyug Darshan Trust to make today's Generation Cognizant of its innate human virtues and emphasized that this will nurture them into Good Citizens there by forming a Great Society.

Mr Pawan Malhotra - National Award Winning Hindi Film and Television Actor strongly endorsed the thoughts expressed by his comrade and further appreciated the alignment of Olympiad with Digital India. Congratulating Satyug Darshan Trust - he said that "The fact that this Olympiad is on Digital Platform ensures that it can easily be conducted on Smart Phones, Laptops and other gadgets."

Satyug Darshan Trust celebrates Equanimity day every year on 7th September at its Faridabad Campus. To make Humanity Olympiad more engaging for Students, Satyug Darshan Trust will distribute Uber cool prizes like laptop, tablets, Smart phones to winning Students and Schools on this Day. Though this event will be telecasted live, still an open invitation is extended to all to grace this occasion in person to benefit themselves as well as society as a whole.
The “Awake Humanity” app is available on both Android and Apple store. For more details reach out to and

Volunteers of Humanity Developement Club are receiving encouragement from Students as well in form of short poems, prose and other Creative Mediums. One of the Student after giving Humanity Olympiad expressed herself through this short poem:

"World Will Soon give birth to Humanity
World Today is Devoid of Humanity;
Here no one wants to stand in Unity
People are busy finding flaws in others;
whether they are just acquaintance or real brothers
Greed and Hatred has taken all Power;
Now relations fail to blossom like flower
As winter is followed by Summer;
All evils in world will find themselves in trouble
Caught in shackles of materialism;
World has lost its grace of Humanism
World will soon give birth to humanity;
And good deeds will soon alter the world to a place of sanity"

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