March 15, 2019 11:45 PM

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A team of Special Cell, Southern Range led by Inspr. Shiv Kumar under the supervision of ShriAttar Singh, ACP has busted an International narcotic drug cartel. Three keymembers of this cartel including kingpin Shamuta Banu (age 54 years) r/o Distt.Nagaon, Assam, Dhanji Gupta (49 years)and Dheeraj Kumar (age 24 years) r/o Distt. Rohtash, Bihar have been arrested in the above case. Total 44.5kgs of good quality heroin worth Rs. over 200 crores in the International market has been recovered from possession of arrested drugs suppliers.

Special Cell in itstirade against drug suppliers has busted several narcotic drug cartels in thepast by arresting various members of these cartels and by recovering huge consignmentsof heroin.

It is worthwhile to mention here that Special cell had succeeded inbusting more than 25 narcotics cartels and has recovered more than 275 kgs o fheroin during one year.

A team of Special Cell was working on an informationthat an International narcotics cartel is active in the states of Bihar,Manipur, UP, Rajasthan, West Bengal and parts of North India and drugs to NorthIndia were transiting through Delhi. As per information, members of this cartelwere involved in getting supply of heroin from Myanmar through Manipur andfurther supply this drug to Delhi, Rajasthan, Assam, Bihar and West Bengal.This information was further developed through human surveillance. It tookpainstaking efforts of 3 months to develop this information. During this process, members of this cartel were identified and their activities were keptunder discreet surveillance. 


On 07.03.2019, aspecific information was received by Inspr. Shiv Kumar that Dhanji Gupta andDheeraj Kumar, two key members of cartel had collected big consignment ofheroin from Nagaon, Assam. Both had already arrived in Delhi and they woulddeliver the consignment to their contact near Indraprastha Park, Ring Road,Delhi between 9 PM to 10 PM for onward supply to parts of North India.Accordingly, a trap was laid near Indraprastha Park. At 9:45 PM one TSR comingfrom Sarai Kale Khan side stopped near Indraprastha Park. Two persons alongwithtwo traveling bags came out from the TSR and waited for someone. After 10minutes, both were surrounded by the members of team and were overpowered. Bagsof duo were searched and 21 kgs heroin i.e. 15.5 kgs from Dhanji Singh and 5.5kgs from Dheeraj Kumar was recovered. Case under appropriate sections of law wasregistered in PS Spl Cell.

Both disclosed thatthey had procured said consignment from a woman drug supplier of Nagaon, Assam.As per her directions, they had come to Delhi to deliver the contraband to acarrier for onward supply in North India. Both were taken on police remand anda team was sent to Assam to arrest source of supply of heroin. On 12.03.2019, araid was conducted at house of Said woman drug supplier namely Shamuta Banu and 23.5kgs. heroin was recovered from her house.  

Modus-operendi andgist of interrogation of arrestees 

All three accusedpersons were subjected to sustained interrogation wherein they disclosed thatthey are members of the wide international narcotic drug cartel which is headedby Shamuta Banu. During interrogation, it has been revealed that Shamuta Banureceives crude heroin from a person from Manipur. She has disclosed that said personfrom Manipur procuresheroin from Myanmar. Shamuta Banu with the help of Dhanji Gupta and otherassociates used to further process crude heroin into fine quality heroin with somechemicals. in Bihar with the help of his associates. Shamuta Banu used to furthersupply the prepared heroin to various persons in North India, Siliguri in West Bengal, Bihar,UP etc. She used to get above precursors from a person of Jhalawar in Rajasthanand she further supply heroin to him. 

Members of thissyndicate have links with drug suppliers in Manipur who procured narcotic drugsfrom Myanmar. Trio have also disclosed that there is widespread illegalcultivation of opium in bordering areas of Manipur. Drug manufacturers prepareheroin from opium and supply it further in parts of country. They alsodisclosed that quality of heroin smuggled from Myanmar is much superior toheroin produced in Manipur and is also cheaper than heroin produced by theircounterparts in India. That is whyheroin produced in Myanmar is in high demand internationally and also in India. 

Since last one year,it was being noticed that this is a new route for smuggling of heroin fromMyanmar via Manipur to various states of North and Central India. Special Cellhas kept sharp eye on this route. Special Cell has busted 10 such modulesoperating from North East States including Manipur and Assam and has recoveredmore than 160 kgs heroin during last one year. Heroin brought fromMyanmar is not only cheaper but is also relatively of better quality then tothe heroin produced in traditional licit opium growing areas of Bareilly,Badaun, Barabanki in UP, Mandsaur in MP and Jhalawar in Rajasthan. 

Police said, accused Dhanji Gupta hails from a middle class family. He isa graduate. After his graduation he worked in textile companies of Ludhiana andSurat. In the year 2007, he opened a grocery shop in Buxor (Bihar). In the year2010, he came in contact with one notorious drug supplier of Buxor who luredhim to work as carrier of heroin for him. During this period, he came incontact with ShamutaBanu of Assam and started supplying heroin with her.

The other accused Dheeraj Kumar hails from a middle class family. He hasstudied upto intermediate and started job in a chemical factory at Mumbai.After sometime he left Mumbai and went to Jaipur for job. In the year 2015, hereturned back to his village and started the work of scrap dealing. In the year2017, he was lured by his father Dhanji Gupta to join him as carrier of heroinand he started the same.

Accused ShamutaBanu hails from a middle class family and is aschool dropout.After the death of her husband in 2014, she came in contact with one notoriousdrug supplier of Manipur who lured her to work for him. During this period shecame in contact with Dhanji Gupta and also started supplying contraband to him.Subsequently, she developed her own network of getting supply of heroin fromManipur and she further supplied it to various persons in above mentioned states.

Efforts are afoot toidentity the forward and backward linkages of this narcotic drug network and to arrest the other suppliers and receivers of heroin.

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