May 20, 2019 10:58 PM

New Delhi (Face2News)

The sleuths of Anti-NarcoticsSquad/Dwarka District have arrested one peddler of Gaanja from Vipin GardenExtrension, Uttam Nagar while he was returning home after taking delivery ofillegal Ganja.

The accused Sarwan Kumar R/O Vipin Garden Extension, UttamNagar, New Delhi, Age- 33 years has previous involvement in Excise related casein P.S. Uttam Nagar. Quantity 1.5 Kg of Gaanja was seized from the bag he wascarrying after receiving the delivery of illegal Gaanja from the supplier knownas Kaalu. Wife of accused Sarwan Kumar was also arrested this year in Exciserelated cases registered at P.S. Mohan Garden.

Antoalphonse, IPS, Dy. Commissioner Of Police,Dwarka District, said on 17.05.19, duringfoot patrolling carried out by the staff of Anti-Narcotics Squad/Dwarka Districtin Vipin Garden Extension, one person carrying a multi colored cloth bag withunusual bulge, on noticing police staff tried to evade them but he was stoppedby the patrolling staff.

On enquiry, herevealed his name and address as Sarwan Kumar R/O Vipin Garden Extension, UttamNagar, New Delhi, Age- 33 years. His replies toqueries made by the patrolling staff of Anti-Narcotics Squad wereunsatisfactory and raised suspicion. Thereafter, the bag carried by him waschecked by SI Dharmendra and one black polythene bag stuffed with Cannabis (Gaanja) was found inside the cloth bag. The matter was reported to Inspr RamKishan, in-charge Anti-Narcotics Squad and Sh. Rajinder Singh, ACPOperations/Dwarka District. The black polythene containing Gaanja wasweighed and found to be 1.5 Kg. A case FIR No. 222/19 dated 17.05.19 u/s 20 NDPSAct was registered at PS Mohan Garden and investigation was taken up.

INTERROGATION: Accused Sarwan Kumar wasarrested in the case and his interrogation revealed that delivery of illegal Gaanja ismade by the supplier at his house. A few times, when delivery could not be madeat his house, he receives delivery at pre-determined places either in RaghubirNagar or Kesho Pur in Delhi. On 17.05.19, he was returning home after receivingGaanja from Raghubir Nagar when he was apprehended with illegal contraband bythe staff of Anti-Narcotics Squad. Investigation is being carried out to findout the source of contraband.

Police said, Sarwan Kumar R/O Vipin Garden Extension, Uttam Nagar, NewDelhi, Age- 33 years. (Previously involvedin a case of Excise Act registered in PS Uttam Nagar) Further investigation is being carried out to unearth the chain of supply. More arrests and recovery are likely.

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