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Panjab UniveresityCeleberated the Technology Day to highlight the important role of Science in our daily lives and to encourage the students to embrace Science and Engineering as a career option, here today.

  Professor M.D. Behera from IIT  Kharagpur and Dr. Manish Arora, Coordinator Design Innovation Centre(DIC), IITBanaras Hindu University (BHU) were the main speaker of the event Awards were given to team members who created functional prototypes and presented the same at different National level platforms.Main attraction for the day was presentations of functional prototypes and technologies. 

Centre of attraction for the event was"Design Innovation Centre" at UIET, PU.The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. of India, as a part of the 12th  Five Year Plan under the Scheme of National Initiative for Design Innovation (NIDI) sanctioned a programme to PU in 2015 with a grant of Rs 10 crores to set up a “Design Innovation Centre (DIC)” in Chandigarh region. This is to promote design focussed teaching and training courses and the creation of fabrication laboratories to design technologies and products of societal needs. The DIC at PU has been focussing on innovations around engineering products, and promoting early stage start-up companies. University Institute of Engineering & Technology (UIET) is the nodal department of the DIC at PU, and works in collaboration with three partner institutes i.e. Punjab Engineering CollegeDeemed to be University (PEC), Central Scientific Instrumentation Organization (CSIR-CSIO) and Dr.Harvansh Singh Judge Institute of Dental Sciences (HSJIDS), Chandigarh.

The DIC offers a number of elective courses under Choice Based Credit System at UG and PG levels, conducts hands-on training workshops and has developed a number of specialised Design Laboratories where students develop functional prototypes. This is an experience of the kind, normally available to students at the IITs and globally best institutes. At UIET, the design laboratories have been developed under three themes :Information Technologies&Traffic Sensing, Medical Devices & Restorative Technologies, Energy Harvesting & Management Technologies.

The DIC laboratories at UIET are highly sought after by the students for training and internships. The students trained at the DIC have been performing very well in national competitions, hackathons, research paper publications and job placements. One such team won national prize (Rs 1 Lakh) for best resolution of a problem in the field of network security in the Smart India Hackathon conducted by MHRD at PSIT, Kanpur in March, 2019. Nearly 2 lakh teams had given entries against some 230 problem themes. Another team trained at the DIC won the best prize under the theme Internet of Things at Deloitte TechnoUtsavhackathon held at Hyderabad in April 2019. Yet another reached the Grand Finale and wasgiven Pre Placement offer by Deloitte. These teams were felicitated on the occasion of Technology Day.The teams gave live demonstrations to mark the early successes of young students and faculty in engineering technologies at UIET, PU.

At the Design Laboratories, more than 1500 students have been trained, five technologies related to health are under clinical trials at IDS, PGIMER and GMCH, consultancy projects and MOUs with royalty terms have been signed up with industry, two StartUp companies have been set up, one patent has been filed, several companies have expressed interest in working with the faculty at UIET under the DIC. Nearly 50 types of ideas selected after idea competitions have been developed into prototypes. Out of these, about 30 prototypes are functionally validated and are ready for expansion of the projects for scale up, to develop larger or multiple functional products in partnership with industry.A CNC machine prototype developed at the DIC has been taken up for scale up, with 50% sponsorship by Esteem Industries at Baddi. A prototype of  portable wind mill to generate localised electricity in rural settings has been developed. A GPS enabled autonomous aerial vehicle (drone) for collecting aerial and surface information, carrying payload etc. has been developed by a DIC team at UIET. The team working on medical technologies has mastered complete technology based on digital imaging and 3D printing to provide help to surgeons in bone reconstruction surgery following damage in an accident or damage by  cancer etc.

Some of these technologies were demonstrated by students during the Technology Day function. Some of the projects raised the imagination of younger engineering graduates for taking up more complex and creative projects as their career challenges during their training at UIET. 

List of Projects demonstrated on Technology Day at Law Auditorium 3 June 2019



Project Description


Autonomous Robot with Robotic Manipulater

To implement a Line Following Algorithm that could fit in complex line environments. The traditional feedback systems either requires large number of sensors or uses algorithms which are based on the previous output values.The autonomous line follower robots are becoming more popular for industrial and domestic applications. Beside all this it is also used in hospitals for health care management system

1stin design idea competition

Pranav Kumar

(ECE) UE165073


Small scale Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

The Vertical axis wind turbine is developed as a solution to the electricity deficit hilly areas of Ladakh. Lift driven VAWT Darrieus H-configuration has been designed and developed. The novelty of the work is that modular and can be assembled easily. The computer simulations and other analyses have been completed and the first prototype of Darrieusis being tested for various performance parameters.

2nd in design idea competition

Diviyadeep Singh





Implementation of kernel based driver

There are several ways by which hacker can covert himself in the core system.We have implemented a detour patching to illustrate the mechanism. This is done by inserting a jump instruction in code to the desired routine. It may also be used to tolerate faults in several hardware components. It may help in improving the instantaneous performance of the system

3rdin design idea competition


B.E IT (8thsem)




Clear Dental Aligners -DIC

Clear Dental Aligners provide an alternative to traditional metal braces. These aligners are made of almost invisible polyurethane plastic. Rather than being cemented or bonded to the teeth as metal or clear braces are, clear aligners are completely removable


Divya Bajaj



Maxillofacial and Craniofacial Model –DIC

The CAD/CAM enabled pre-planning of surgery is done by printing 3-D model of patient’s injured cranial/ facial part. It is used to reconstruct the patient’s facial or cranial region whose maxilla and mandible had a defect and needed to undergo cranioplasty.

6 DIC interns


The Human Bite Force Measuring Device -DIC

The Human Bite Force Measuring Device is an electromechanical device used to measure the bite force applied. The device has arms like extension which are inserted inside the patient’s mouth. The patient is then asked to take a hard bite over these arms containingapressure sensor.

Gurbinder Singh, YashGopal,MittalVaniRaheja


Cost effective home automation using IoT -DIC

To automate the electric circuitry without changing the existing infrastructure and wiring circuit of the building using Bluetooth based Android Application at a nominal expenditure.

It is based on one by one replacement model of existing switch operated with Bluetooth module/Wi-Fi Module and Power Supply.

Arnav, Abhinav, ManikDalal


Avionics Bot-DIC

In this project, we are developing multiple UAV for real time surveillance, object detection and supplying payload upto 5 Kg from one location to another location using the GPS signals.



Prayag Sharma





Cogbrain mobile-application to provide cognitive remediation of patients with cognitive deficits

The current version has been successfully applied to provide cognitive remediation to schizophrenic patients who regularly visit rehab facility-Disability Assessment and Rehabilitation Triage (DART), Department of Psychiatry, GMCH, Sector 32, Chandigarh, India. The developed program is helpful to the doctors in providing cognitive training to people with mental disorders or brain injury and check performance on weekly and monthly timeline.

Jaskirat Singh






RudranshSrivastava(IT) UE168087

SarthakPrajapati(IT) UE168095

SanskritiGoel (IT) UE168094

7015720956, 9896751244

ShaleenAhuja(IT) UE168099

Himani Chopra(CSE) UE163048

Sarthak Gupta(IT) UE178086

Winner - Smart India Hackathon 2019



NamanAgarwal(CSE) UE163064

TusharSrivastava (IT) UE168113

Yuvraj (IT) UE168119

7015536784, 9467805214

IOT Thread Winner - Deloitte TechnoUtsav 2.0 (2019)


Ishaanand his team 9781258102


Jugaad/Robotics Club projects:

Wireless car, emotion detecting flower, greeting robot, self balancing robot


 *winners of Design Idea Competition held on 8 May 2019 organised at Library hall UIET

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